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You might not know the SFR FISE Xperience tour yet, so it might be time to explain it all.  It is a national extreme sports championship tour, including 6 stops on which the competitors can accumulate points that go toward an overall classification. The tour has been going all over France for the past 7 years in Marseille, Reims, Canet, Nantes, Besançon et Paris.

This year, our partners are:  SFR, FREEGUN, NRJ, NRJ12, MCS EXTREME. The infamous modules and features of the FISE (Festival International des Sports Extrêmes in Montpellier) are set up for the occasion to hold competitions in rollerblade, skateboard, bmx, mountain bike and wakeboard. On these different stops, the riders (or athletes) accumulate the points and can also win prize money, prizes from our partners and can also obtain sponsorship contracts with some major brands. 





On April 13 and 14, 2013, the Festival International des Sports Extremes comes back to Reims to focus on high level BMX and Skateboard. For the second consecutive year, the city of champagne will be our host. Last year, the show was very impressive with one of the biggest parks of the year in BMX. We remember that the Frenchie Maxime Charveron shining alongside with the British riders and the unstoppable Flying Dutch, Daniel Wedemeijer.

This year, the SFR FISE Xperience guarantees a show at least as high quality as last years’, with the best of the Euro riders in those disciplines.

During two full days, the city of Reims will be in full Freestyle Sports mode, with the special installation of infrastructures in the Leo Lagrange Park.

Located in the Courlancy neighbourhood, just beside the Auguste-Delaune stadium, Reim’s biggest urban park was created by the landscaper Jacques Sgar, in 1978. It is built around a stretch of water that ends in the East part by a humid zone, treated semi-naturally, built in 1997. This space, loved dearly by the inhabitants of Reims, is the scene of many outdoor activities. A bird observation path was created in 2003, in collaboration with the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux. There is also a children’s playground.”

Source : Reims Tourism Board official website:








     -  Numéricable : canal 153
     -  Canalsat : canal 127
     -  SFR : canal 83
     -  Free : canal 135 dans le Pack Sport
     -  Alice : canal 111
     -  Dartybox : canal 53






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Access :







Getting to Reims

By Car:

Reims is at the intersection of highway A4-E50 (Paris - Strasbourg) and A26-E17 (Calais - Troyes - Dijon).

There are 6 exits for the city.
Get precise directions on :
Viamichelin ou Mappy

With the tram, think about parking relais ! 

By Plane :

Reims is about 30 min away from Paris Roissy international airport.

Aéroports de Paris :
Many companies offer shuttle services with these airport shuttle services with these airports

Aéroport de Paris-Vatry :Freight and international passenger destinations


Aérodrome Reims-Prunay : 
Small business and tourism planes.
Tél. : 03 26 49 10 92


By Train:

Reims is at the intersection of the Lille - Dijon - Méditerranée and Paris - Charleville - Sedan lines.
12 daily trips Reims-Paris ;
Since June 2007, the TGV takes 45 min from Reims to Paris

You can check the schedules and reserve your ticket here:

By boat:

The Aisne canal at the Marne will bring you to Reims by boat. 
The marina relais Nautique is located 5 min from downtown. 

La capitainerie :
Open from May 1st to September 15th - 7 days a week;
Tél. : 03 26 88 55 36

Le Centre International de Séjour :
Tél. : 03 26 40 52 60

France Maritime Ways:

By Bus:

TransChampagneArdenne : Daily trips Troyes - Châlons - Reims and twice weekly from Charleville-Mézières

VatryBus : Shuttle with the Paris-Vatry Airport

RTA02 : Daily trips with Laon and Soissons

(Source : Reims Tourism Board official website: 


Where to stay?


8, rue Caqué 
51100 Reims

tel : Direct Reservation : 03 26 47 42 38
Fax : Direct Reservation : 03 26 09 48 56



31 rue de Thillois 
51100 Reims

tel : Direct Reservation : 03 26 88 55 74
Fax : Direct Reservation : 03 26 05 12 38



90 rue Gambetta 
51100 Reims

tel : Direct Reservation : 03 26 85 09 10

Fax : Direct Reservation : 03 26 85 83 20



60, rue de Magneux 
51100 Reims

tel : Direct Reservation : 03 26 40 59 22
Fax : Direct Reservation : 03 26 88 34 33



17 ter, Bd du Général Leclerc 
51100 Reims

tel : Direct Reservation : 03 26 47 38 15
Fax : Direct Reservation : 03 26 84 95 90


Where to eat and drink?


En Appart'thé (Tea shop and salon)

70, Rue Vesle - Galerie Claire Maret - 51100 Reims

The Kilberry (Irish Pub)

180 Rue de Vesles - 51100 Reims


Café du Palais (Brasserie)

14, Place Myron-Herrich - 51100 Reims


Quai N°1 (restaurant)

Cour de la Gare - 51100 Reims


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