FISE Montpellier 2018 : Nicholi Rogatkin premier en Mountain Bike Slopestyle Pro

Friday, May 11, 2018 - 21:45
After the semi-final was completed this morning due to heavy wind last night, the MTB slopestyle hasn’t had the chance to be covered live yet!
However, we have the pleasure of bringing you the final! We have the 12 riders listed above who will all have two runs with the top 6 being able to have a 3rd run if they choose to use it! Its appero time here at the FISE lets get it underway with the beautiful weather on the Lez today!
The slope style track this year is composed of a the famous big air followed by a step up and a large volcano followed by a step down and the last dirt ramp is followed by a quarter pipe to stop right in front of the Lez. It should be noted that this track is classed gold in the FMB circuits which enables the riders to gain points for ranking in the famous world series!
Its been a timid series of first runs for the riders as well as the judges who gave no more than 72 points to Jakub Vencl who was ahead for a while during the first runs. Vencl’s lead was taken from him by Nicholi Rogatkin after he scored 85 points, 13 points above those who went ahead of him. With a run of a front tuck on the big air followed by a superb cashroll seat grab, followed by a double whip, a condor and a flip 36 to tie it all off.  The American makes it known that he will be very difficult to beat in the absence of Emil Johannson (due to illness).
Owen Marks is the first to disturb the top six by pulling off a run of 77.33 with a triple bar flip, 360 bar to oppo bar and to finish with a 36 double bar. Just after him Louis Reboul adds even more tension after scoring 79.33 points composed of a flip whip, extended canonball and a double whip to finish. By improving their scores, they move to the super-final where as Paul Couderc, Alex Alanko and Rémy Carra fail on their part to do so.
After some imperfections on the first run, Tom Isted, Diego Caversazi and Tomas Lemoine need to catch up. Each rider now has one last chance to prove themselves in order to take their place in the superfinal. Now is not the time to hold back.
Tom Isted is the first to improve his score with  77.33 points which will qualify him. His run consisted of a decade, condor flip, flatspin and a superman flip.
Diego Caversazi does the same and scores over 80 points with his bar flip to whip and a cashroll to finish.
Tomas Lemoine follows them with a tuck flip to bar on the big air and a front tuck before adding a bit a style on the quarter pipe (unlook to table).
Lucas Kopf who qualified in first place in the semi-final joins the party where Nicholi Rogatkin seems un-touchable proven by his twister bonus on his second run.
None of the finalists managed to pull off their tricks any big tricks that were essential in over taking Rogatkin. The American shows off on a victory run with a lazy front. The American wins his first FISE Montpellier with this winning run.
His winning consisted of a front tuck on the big air followed by a superb cashroll seat grab, double whip, condor and a flip 36 to finish.
Here are the results for this final :
1 – Nicholi Rogatkin
2 – Tomas Lemoine
3 – Diego Caverzasi
4 – Lukas Knopf
5 – Louis Reboul
6 – Tom Isted
7 – Owen Marks
8 – Jakub Vencl
9 – Paul Couderc
10 – Paul Genovese
11 – Remy Carra
12 – Alex Alanko
We have a little bonus for you: The best whip! This is the occasion to see new riders who weren’t necessarily in the final, riders who know how to handle their bikes and throw them around themselves. The result will be decided by the swatch decibel application which will record the cheers from the public! Here we go !
After a sublime nacnac whip from the polish David Godziek its Raymond George who takes the lead in the competition. Bienvenido Alba goes all out and shows us a cliffhanger front flip despite it not being the aim of the game. What a crowd pleaser!
He will come back later for his t-shirt ! The rest belongs to the public after the start of a one of many big nights at the FISE.
After another sublime nacnac whip from the Polsih David Godziek it’s Raymond George who goes ahead with 95.3 decibels.
Crédit Photo : Matthieu Métivet