FISE World Budapest 2017 : International Extreme Sports Athletes start to sizzle in the Hungarian heat

Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 02:21

The second global tour stop of the FISE World Action Sports Festival in Budapest kicked off at BudaPart - Kopaszi Gát park under sunny blue skies and scorching temperatures reaching 35 degrees celsius, leaving riders bronzed, bruised, and qualified for Saturday’s semi-finals.


Pros and Ams on bikes, blades and boards from all corners of the globe have joined together to showcase their skills for the local crowds. Spectators both young and old who flocked to the park throughout the day were able to see world-class athletes perform impressive stunts, giving them a taste of things to come for the rest of the weekend.


Qualifications began this morning on three different stages: Wakesurf and Wakeboarders cruising on the Danube River, BMX Flat riders and Skateboarders finessing tricks on the flatland platform, and the Roller and BMX Freestylers boosting on the gigantic ramp course.


The rankings are now set for the battle for top spot. Fans can stop by free of charge all weekend to see who will be crowned champions in the Pearl of the Danube.