FISE World Edmonton 2017 : How does the BMX Stack up going into Edmonton?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - 12:54
Back BMX Flat par Armand Lenoir
We’re now half way through the 2017 FISE World Series! 
As we leave Europe and prepare to re-stamp the FISE footprint in Edmonton next week, it’s worth recapping the results from a windy few days in Budapest.
UCI BMX Freestyle Park
Where the hell did Brandon Loupos come from?! The young Australian rode some special lines in the final to take 1st place in Budapest. Getting some crazy air and throwing down some heavy tricks including a cash roll and triple-tailwhip, we all knew Brandon was going to give us something to remember as he handled the testy conditions with ease.
So Australia replaces Russia in the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup rankings, as Brandon Loupos edges out Konstantin Andreev to move into second place after Budapest.
The question on everyone’s lips, however, is one of Logan Martin. After missing out on the Final in Budapest, can the reigning Freestyle Champion make a comeback in Edmonton? If there’s one man who can do it, Logan can.
BMX Flatland
There must be something in the water in Canada. Jean William Prevost continued his winning streak in Budapest’s Flatland arena – perfect timing for his homecoming next week in Edmonton.
With another epic display of creativity and control that’s fast becoming expected of the Canadian, Prevost held off an impressive Japanese rider in the shape of Moto Sasaki for 1st place – and finished a full 11 points ahead of Matthias Dandois who languished in 5th.
Dandois still clings on to 2nd place in the overall rankings, but you can bet the reigning FISE Flatland Champion will be coming with fire to Edmonton in attempt to knock Prevost off the top spot in front of his home crowd.   
The FISE World Series sure hasn’t been short on drama this year, and we can’t wait for Edmonton to add more to the story.
Don’t forget to tune in next week on FISE channels for the third leg of the Series…things are looking tasty!