Saturday, April 7, 2018 - 15:43
The Street Park hosted two finals today with spectators enjoying Skateboard Street Pro finals for both men and women. The skaters had 2 runs of 50 seconds to give it their all and they pushed themselves to the absolute limits.
The Women’s Skateboard Street Pro final came first and it was electric with the women bringing super stylish runs and some gnarly tricks such as front side board slide and some killer grinds on the rails. All the riders were Japanese and they were on fire the crowd went wild when Suzanna Kanemoto made a massive nollie heelflip and its not something they will forget any time soon. Maeda Hina became the first Japanese rider to win a competition at the first ever FISE World Series stop in Japan.
In the Men’s Skateboard Street Pro semi-final, 35 skaters from around the world fought for 10 places in the final. Of the 10 that made it, 5 were Japanese which was awesome for the Hiroshima crowd who were cheering them on. There was upset for a frustrated Joseph Garbaccio, the winner of the competition in 2017, as his second run didn't go to plan but absolute delight for the home crowd as local rider Ikeda Daisuke took the top spot. The Japanese skater was first after the semifinals, and he was at ease on both rails and ramps. He was the only one to drop a committed 540 on the vert and a huge flip back 360 lip slide. Richard Tury rode as he knows how to, with his ultra-technical tricks combined with flips everywhere. 


Watch the 3 best runs of the day in Skateboard Street

1- Ikeda Daisuke



2- Richard Tury



3- Sora Negishi



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