FISE Xperience Anglet 2017 : Arkaic

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 17:28
Arkaic-Concept was born in Lyon through handcraft and ecodesign, in action sports, creative communication and design. The concept, an original and modern entity, is a nice mix of handcraft and digital technology gravitating around innovation and tradition, the hand-operated and the computer-driven, the « DO IT YOURSELF » and the industrial. The workshop also offers its own hand-crafted skateboard brand named « Arkaïc-Skateboard », 100% engaged and Made in France.
Arkaic has been evolving next to the FISE Xperience tour since 2 years now. Main podium sponsor, it gives the chance to every « Skateboarding » stop's winner to renew their boards each year. Arkaic is also making all of the trophies for each discipline on the 5 stopovers. 
Photo credits : Arkaic