FISE Xperience Anglet 2017 : The French BMX Freestyle Park team

Saturday, August 5, 2017 - 21:52

3 young promising talents from the BMX Freestyle Park French Team came to perform shows during the 2017 FISE Xperience Anglet tour stopover. Jean-Baptiste Peytavit (team captain), Anthony Jeanjean - current leader of the tour - and Istvan Caillet - multi-sport rider : BMX, MTB, Trial Moto - "set the Spine Ramp on fire" with 3 sessions each day during the weekend. The three riders are familiar with FISE events and will take off in a few days to Budapest for the next UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup stop (FISE Budapest). By the way, as you may already know, the sport was recently added to the programme of the 2020 Olympic Games, just like Skateboarding.


We grabbed that chance to ask them a few questions on that matter. 

What do you think of BMX Freestyle Park being included in the Olympic Games ? 

IC: It's good for the sport, it will raise more media attention and the public will be able to realise our sport's technicality. It will also bring more resources to the scene and give us access to more infrastructures. 


How many are you in the team ?

AJ : We are 5 in total, with both Bringer brothers - Maxime and Timothé. But there is also the junior team, the 6 kids : Valentin Antonuccio, Edouard Carrot, Jules VandenHeuven, Hassin Nek, Luca Bertrand and Florent Kastner.


How do you work on your physical abilities for competitions ? 

JBP : We don't give our secrets away ;-) ...OK, a lot of cardio. 

AJ : Workout also. 

IC : I do a lot of BMX Racing which gives me the chance to work a lot on interval training. 


Do you have a training "base" ? 

JBP : No, we practice on several different parks, each spot has its good point. 

AJ : I go to the Sérignan sport complex (skatepark and dirt track). 

IC : I practice in my backyard where I build my own skateparks. 

JBP : I go with the other guys of the team, as often as possible. But we are never 5 together for the trainings. 


How does the selection process work for the Games coming in three years ? 

JBP : Nothing is set in stone yet, the news are still fresh (FISE Montpellier - this past May). We'll see how things will evolve next but for sure, big challenges will soon be offered to all of us. 


Last word 

Live to ride ! 


See you in Budapest in two weeks to closely follow these 3 riders ! 


Photo credit : Cédric de Rodot - FISE