FISE Xperience Le Havre 2017 : Le Havre welcomes the last stop of the 2017 FISE Xperience Series

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 - 15:48

Time goes by, stopover after stopover, and we are already just a few days before the end of the 2017 season of the FISE Xperience Series tour. The french tour crew will travel one last time to the city of Le Havre - celebrating its 500 years this year - from august 25 to 27. 

We are talking about a very complete programme for this last stopover. The last but not the least ! As for competitions, we will have 4 sports : BMX Freestyle Park, Skateboarding, Roller and Scooter. 

BMX Freestyle Park 

This discipline is becoming more and more consistent within the world of sport. In fact, there are two major news : BMX Freestyle Park joins Skateboarding as a recognised Olympic discipline in the 2020 games in Tokyo. Also, France is getting involved as the Cycling French Federation certifies this event as the first BMX Freestyle Park French Cup stop. Please note that all the registered riders for this discipline will absolutely need to hold a valid FFC licence. On this event, a structure will be built in contrast with previous years when the competition was taking place in the city's skatepark bowl. 



Skateboarding will also be seen among the disciplines of the Tokyo Games in 2020. In our tour ranking, it is the tightest situation between athletes of all sports. Adrien Bulard and Paul Gallelli are neck and neck so we are very excited to see what the next stopover will bring us, as the last points will definitely need to be earned to become the great 2017 winner. The competition will take place in the city's mythical Bowl. 


Roller Freestyle Park 

Last year, and previous years as well, Roller riders were wearing out their little wheels in the concrete bowl. This year, Roller Freestyle Park will be offered to the public since athletes will confront on the park specially set up for this Le Havre stop. The riders will still be warm from the FISE World Series happening in Budapest the week before. It will be their last occasion to meet up on a FISE event before the last stopover of the year, in Chengdu, China


Freestyle Scooter

The sport is getting big within Action Sports. Each FISE stopover gives the chance to numerous riders to come and test the park with their scooter. That's why the FISE crew and the city of Le Havre find completely legit to include this discipline in the competitions programme of the stopover. 


As for entertainment, there will be BMX Freestyle Flatland demos, taking place on a flat stage (hence the name) and introductions. Free access to Slackline, Kite, Skimboarding and instructors will introduce the young or old to these sports.  

We will also have an exhibitors' village with the Fise boutique,  "Les Opticiens Mutualistes"... 

In the meantime, discover the event teaser above... or check it out again  ;-)