Monday, July 16, 2018 - 16:28
Whether you are there for a day or for a week, discover Anglet and more particularly the Anglet Park Session, this festival to be held on 10 and 11 August on the beach of La Barre. In the program of these 2 days : sun, ride and good vibes only.
Here is the teaser of this step FISE Xperience Series to give you a taste!


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Monday, July 16, 2018 - 06:43

What a final we just attend as the last competition of the day. The UCI BMX Flatland World Cup was a pure blast delighted by the Canadian Golden Hour. The casual top 3 made of Jean-William Prevost, Matthias Dandois and Alex Jumelin. The last heat started by the back wheel rider Jean-William Prevost with a run full of speed and combos. He storms his way into first place with a massive score of 85.66 points. Matthias Dandois cuts up the whole stage trying out a bunch of new tricks. 2 uncharacteristic slips means he didn’t complete his usual perfect run and he comes away with 84.66 points enough to take 2nd place. It was then the turn of yesterday’s leader Alex Jumelin. Even though he has been on the scene for years he still surprises us with new tricks! Pulling off a 720 G Turn on the front wheel he drew massive cheers from the crowd. When the clock hit 3 minutes all the riders ran on to the stage to show respect to this amazing rider. His stratospheric run grades a 91.33 pts, a straight ticket to the golden medal.

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Monday, July 16, 2018 - 03:21

First in qualifying and second in the semifinals, the Japanese finally won in the final thanks to his set of super-technical tricks, completed by a McTwist on the biggest Vert of the Park which ended up convincing the judges. The Slovakian Richard Tury, who came first yesterday, takes second place thanks to his performance on the rails which always feature a trick In. He was the most technical of the contest but was closely followed by a versatile Joseph Garbaccio, who placed third thanks to the 270 lipslide 270 he added to his second run. Special mention for the fourth Adrien Bulard, who is riding high thanks to his new part New Life, where he signs a NBD by a backside tailslide on the mythical rail El Toro.

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Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 08:36
The whole Jumelin squad arrived in Edmonton to compete at FWS (the father in Pro category and his two sons in Junior) and Alex showed his sons how to really send it today! He scored a massive 90.16 pts which proved to be unbeatable and he goes into tomorrows final in top position. French favourite Matthias Dandois pulled off a creative run to take second place and the FWS 2017 winner Jean-William Prevost landed in third position. Can Jean Williams home crowd push him to do even better in tomorrows final? 

Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 03:26

The final heat brought out the big guns, all sorts of crazy tricks were being thrown down but no one could stop Hannah Roberts who takes the top spot on the podium. After a shock 4th place in Montpellier she was back on form landing the first double bar spin we have ever seen in a female competition! Joining her on the podium is Lara Lessman the 18 year old from Germany who is a rising star on the BMX scene and Charlotte Worthing from the UK whose level is increasing at every FWS stop. Everyone was in agreement that the level in this competition was some of the best we have ever seen in a women’s BMX competition. It’s an absolute pleasure to see progression in women’s BMX happening right in front of our eyes.

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Watch Hannah Roberts winning run





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Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 01:16

The level in the semi final was insane! Riders brought the fire in every heat to try and ensure their place in the final. A truly international competition riders from 8 different nations took part. French rider Jonathan Jean Phillipe took an early lead in heat 2 scoring a huge 80.66 points. However after heat 5 he had been pushed down to 3rd by 2 superb runs from yesterdays top two riders Tury and Daisuke.

With a semi final this good we can’t wait to see what goes down on the Skate Park tomorrow

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Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 05:51

The event started in style as the pros brought out the big tricks to make sure they secured a spot in this weekend's finals. The juniors and amateurs also impressed as they tackled the pro parks and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us over the rest of the weekend. The competition was already intense during the Women’s BMX Freestyle Park Qualifying.

The top 3 as its stands is Lara Lessmann, Hannah Roberts and Nikita Ducarroz but the question on everyones lips is can Shanice Silva Cruz land the gnarly Frontflip she was so close to pulling off today. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in towards the end of the day and rain prevented the qualifications of their male counterparts, which are now postponed until tomorrow morning.

Over at the Flatland Area Matthias Dandois continued on from his winning run in Montpellier to take top place, followed by local hero Jean William Prevost and Benjamin Hudson in 3rd.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 03:58

Brand new location right down town, fresh new sports, wicked riders and amazing Canadian hospitality. What a way to launch the FWS’s third stop!

On the Freestyle Park, the Street one or the Flatland Area, this Friday is mainly dedicated to qualifications for most of the categories. The contest was already intense during the Women’s BMX Freestyle Park Qualifying! The top 3 as its stands is Lara Lessmann, Hannah Roberts and Nikita Ducarroz but the question on everyones lips is can Shanice Silva Cruz land the gnarly Frontflip she was so close to pulling off today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 15:55

Ones to watch at FISE World Series Edmonton 2018   

It’s time for stop no. 3 in the FISE World Series. Athletes are currently making their way over to the Canadian heartland for 3 days of BMX Freestyle, Flatland and Skateboard with one thing on their mind – victory. 
After a stunning edition FISE World Montpellier back in May, we’re expecting big things from those athletes who made it on the podium, and those who perhaps should’ve made it. So, who are the ones to watch at FISE World Series Edmonton 2018? 
Marin Rantes (BMX Freestyle) 
A 3rd place finish in Montpellier puts the Croatian tantalisingly close to the overall top 3. When ‘Marin Rantes’ is called over the mic, eyes look up. This is because the 22-year old has a reputation for throwing the big tricks. His Instagram-famous taco-wheel from FISE World Series Hiroshima shows Marin puts his bike – and his safety – on the line. If he sticks his tricks in Edmonton, we expect him to be knocking on the door to the top 3.
Nikita Ducarroz (BMX Freestyle) 
A top-3 finisher in 2017, this Swiss rider is one of the most consistent performers on the Women’s circuit. When 2017 Champion Hannah Roberts looks over her shoulder, she sees Nikita Ducarroz. Nikita is only a few points away from the American rider, who is widely considered to be the top Women’s park rider in the world. It certainly makes for a spicy rivalry… will Nikita finally push past the field for an Edmonton victory?
Jean-William Prevost (BMX Flatland) 
Jean-William Prevost is coming home to Canada with a point to prove. His extremely disappointing 7th-place finish in Montpellier left us wondering what had happened to the reigning FISE World Flatland champion. But if we know JW, we know he’s going to come back hungrier than ever with his typically aggressive style. Flatland is not one to miss. Edmonton Flatland is definitely not one to miss. It could get emotional if the man from Montreal pulls out another win.
Richard Tury (Skateboard) 
Slovakian kid plays Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. Slovakian kid picks up a skateboard. Slovakian kid becomes one of the best street skaters in the world. Just the usual story then. 
You’d be forgiven for looking past Riso Tury on the skate park. His casual style fools you into thinking he isn’t even trying. But, after a solid performance in Montpellier, this skater is sitting 2nd overall in the 2018 World Series rankings and is making people sit up and pay attention. Keep an eye on Riso on the Edmonton park as he uses his unique lines to push himself into 2018 championship contention.
FISE World Series Edmonton runs from 13 to 15 July. Follow the action from Canada on FISE Facebook, Instagram and Twitter