Where: Théâtre de la mer - Canet en Roussillon

When: May 18th-19th

What: BMX & Roller Freestyle Park + Demo BMX Flat

Free admission

Located in the South of France, just 12 km from Perpignan, Canet en Roussillon is a seaside resort that has 9km of beautiful fine sand. What a delight swimming, tanning and action sports. This stop is known as our little "California"!


Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 15:14
The man, the myth, the Mark. 
Mark Webb rose to the top when we put eight BMX legends to the public vote. Breezing through the quarter and semi-finals, Mark championed over Dennis Enarson in a nail-biter of a final, becoming your ultimate BMX Hero with 52% majority.
Growing up in Portsmouth, the English-born and bred rider started just like we all do – on stabilisers – before going on to become one of the most influential riders to date. Technical and progressive, his bag of tricks is seemingly infinite as he continues to pull out innovative and daring stunts that set world first’s, including landing the first decade 360 in 2009. 
He has graced international competitions with his presence – FISE Montpellier, X Games, BMX Masters and the Dew Tour to name a few – and has accumulated a vast collection of medals that precede him. Plagued by injuries that fail to stop him, the 33-year-old shows no signs of slowing down.
Accomplished and not done yet, Mark has carried his passion for wheels to further places, including online and to the driver’s seat. His ever popular “Webbie Show” gives fans a glance at Mark’s abilities as he throws tricks at his hometown Southsea Skatepark. In addition, Mark has put the pedal down and merged the world of petrol heads and BMX as he made a name for himself in drift racing. Not just a BMX hero, but an action sports inspiration, Mark Webb has paved a path for the sport that will not fade anytime soon.
A deserving Ultimate BMX Hero, you can follow Mark on Instagram



Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 14:45
We looked back at the biggest names to ever grace the BMX scene and we came up with this top-class list. From world record holders to medal winners, these riders have taken the sport to a new level, and we want you to choose who deserves the title...
We gave you eight legends, but who’s your ultimate BMX hero? 
Chris Moeller
“Mad Dog” Moeller has been on the scene since the ‘80s. From causing havoc in the race scene to taking over the bike business, Chris has established himself as a BMX legend that has no intention of fading out. Founder of S&M bikes, his contributions to the bike world is one that looks like it will remain untouched for a while.
Ryan Nyquist
Ryan Nyquist could well be a robot. Pound-for-pound one of the best BMX riders that has ever lived, Nyquist has also turned his hand to MTB Slopestyle (watch the video below if you need proof). Ryan Nyquist is the perfect example of a rider who made it to the top and stayed there.
Mark Webb
Introducing the Webby Show.  Mark Webb is still shredding and is one of the most influential riders in BMX today. Riding out of Portsmouth, UK, Webby has been a FISE favourite for years and is always willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible on a bike.
Denis Enarson
Dennis has been killing it on the BMX scene for the past decade, whether the course is street, park or dirt. His versatility and legendary cannonball bar spins have earnt him gold medals in contests across the globe.
Jamie Bestwick
This veteran BMX rider has skill and talent that’s seen him win competitions across the globe. He shows no signs of slowing the pace and continues to debut new tricks and be incredibly active in the sport. He’s turned BMX into a life-long passion and is true icon in every sense of the word.
Scotty Cranmer
Scotty tied with Dave Mirra for the most X-Games gold medals in BMX Park, but Scotty’s biggest achievement is his recovery from a broken neck. Scotty went from paralysed to back on a bike in 10 months – and he documented the entire journey on his extremely popular YouTube channel.
Scotty Cranmer paralysed to riding a bike in 10 months
Daniel Dhers
We can see this guy riding forever. The Venezuelan is known for his consistency in BMX – if you want to learn technique, he’s the man to watch. He put it his skill on display at this year’s FISE World Series, taking 2nd overall.
Gary Young
Considered one of the most genuine BMX riders of all time, Gary’s attitude towards competing and his fans is one that’s lauded by many. A technical rider and one with great skill, Gary has made a massive contribution to the sport and continues to do so.
You can vote for your Ultimate BMX Hero on FISE Instagram Stories. The vote will go live from Thursday 31st January, so make sure you make your vote count! 
We land in China for stop 3

When: 31st October – 3rd November
Where: Pidu District, Chengdu, China

- UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup
- UCI BMX Flatland World Cup
- WS Roller Freestyle World Cup
- FISE World Series Skateboard Street
- FIG Parkour World Cup
- Mountain Bike Freestyle
- Scooter Freestyle

As sister city to Montpellier, Chengdu has always been looking for ways of improving the friendship between the two, and what better way to do it than by hosting a FISE event. Our events are like a “Carnival of young Spirits” and deliver an atmosphere of passion and pride to the spectators in Chengdu.

The future location of FISE events will be in the new and innovative district of Jingrong, Pidu District, which is about 30km west from the center of Chengdu.  This lively, up and coming district is the perfect place to host an event for young people and will be sure to contribute to the continuing success of FISE events in Chengdu! 


FISE Hiroshima 2019
First up on the agenda we return to Japan!

Where: Former Hiroshima Municipal Stadium, Hiroshima, Japan
When:  19th – 21st April


- UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup
- UCI BMX Flatland World Cup
- WS Roller Freestyle World Cup
- FISE World Series Skateboard Street
- FIG Parkour World Cup
- IFSC Bouldering International Series
- WDSF World Open Series – Breaking

Stop 1 – Hiroshima, Japan

First up on the agenda we return to Japan!

For the first stop of the season we couldn't be more delighted to be back in Hiroshima.
The reception we received in Japan last year was truly amazing. The people and the rider’s passion for sports is infectious and the atmosphere at this one was electric.
Japan has a booming Action Sports scene producing young talent such as Rim Nakamura, Minato Oike and Ikedia Daisuke who are sure to go big for their home crowd.

With a packed schedule of sports this one is on track to be truly EPIC!


Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 10:23

Copyright : Cédric de Rodot
Felix Coutant takes a break from building parks to shred the local spots 

Copyright : Cédric de Rodot
Saudi Arabian Traffic Jam 
Copyright : Cédric de Rodot
A Packed Crowd at Montpellier
Copyright : Matthieu Mettivet – The Agency
Danny Leon can still shred even in a traditional Saudi Arabian outfit
Copyright : Matthieu Mettivet – The Agency
A monument in Pidu District makes a perfect ramp for Dennis Enarson
Copyright : Matthieu Mettivet – The Agency
A spot for him only, some reeds, rails & even a sunset.
Copyright : Armand Lenoir – The Agency
A spot for him only, some reeds, rails & even a tiny sunset.
Copyright : Cédric de Rodot 
The proper definition of « crossing the line »

Copyright : Cédric de Rodot 
"Tricks or teeth" by Enzo Benedetti

Copyright : Matthieu Mettivet – The Agency
The Canadian lanscape fits Jumelin’s mood

Copyright : Armand Lenoir – The Agency
Old meets new in Hiroshima

Copyright : Armand Lenoir – The Agency
"A day without a laughter is a day wasted"

Copyright : Cédric de Rodot 
Nina Buitrago goes big 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 16:18
FISE Academy is the school of sliding – and the place to be if you’re an aspiring action sport athlete. It’s everything you could wish for – expert instructors offering courses in Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Surf, Wakesurf, Skateboard, Scooter… and now Flatland.
We caught up with Alex Jumelin, Flatland Academy co-founder and godfather of Flatland, to find out more about this one-of-a-kind school.
How did FISE Flatland Academy begin?
Initially it was a very simple idea. I decided to move nearer to FISE in the south of France and soon became involved in discussing how the FISE Academy concept could be extended to Flatland. A few weeks later, Hervé [André-Benoit, FISE CEO] introduced me to Jean Luc Meissonnier, Mayor of Baillargues. He was really interested in the project and its potential, and believed there would be no problem finding an indoor riding space.
Shortly afterwards, we began checking out  locations and launched an event in Baillargues to promote the Flatland Academy. 
What do you normally do in your weekly classes?
As the riders are at varying levels every day is different, although each session starts with a quick warm-up before the riders get their bikes and we recap on basics like bar spins and peg wheelies.
I then give groups of riders a theme or ideas for tricks they could learn. The last 30 minutes of each class is a freestyle session when they do their own thing; I’m there to give advice.  
How does the Academy help grow the sport of BMX?
There are three ways the Academy makes Flatland more accessible. 
1.     We have a dedicated indoor space so don’t have to worry about the weather or sharing with other activities. 
2.     I am at every class to give advice to riders of every level, helping them progress much faster than if they were out on the street by themselves.
3.     As an Academy member, riders feel part of a group. They share experiences and ideas and help each other out, fostering a real rider community.
What’s the future of the Academy?
It’s only in its second year, so right now perhaps the most important thing is to build a strong team of riders. Some might become pro or coaches one day and great ambassadors for BMX Flatland. For me, quality is more important than quantity: ultimately, Flatland is not about how many riders there are on the circuit but how passionate they are.  
To find out more about the FISE Flatland Academy in Baillargues, visit their website
Keep up with everything Alex is doing to grow BMX Flatland on Instagram.
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 15:46
So, you watched all the action, awed at the moments and voted for your favourites: Here’s a run down of your FISE High Five Award winners.
Best Male - Marin Rantes
The 23-year-old Croat proved he was calm, cool and consistent throughout the 2018 FISE World Series, snagging the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup overall title. His sportsmanship was later recognised when he won the Fair Play Award for the best athletes of the year in the selection of the Croatian Olympic Committee. 
Best Female - Aurelie Godet
Montpellier’s own wakeboarding prodigy Aurelie Godet took your votes with her performance in the French leg of the FISE World Series. At only 15-years-old, she’s your chosen best female athlete and has lots ahead of her! 
Biggest WTF Moment - Clayton Lindley
23-year-old American Clayton Lindley also found himself in the waters of Montpellier during the FISE World Series as he flipped out of the Freestyle Park; however, the scooter legend arose from the water long enough to claim the Scooter Freestyle Park finale with 86.50 points.
Best Trick – Brian Fox
BMX Freestyle rider Brian Fox wiped the floor with his Double Backflip Transfer in Montpellier. The 25-year-old US native scored 87.60 and continued to show jaw-dropping stunts all the way through to the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup semi-final in Chengdu.
Rising Star – Justin Dowell
The 18-year-old from America stormed onto the BMX Freestyle scene this year with high points and even higher jumps. Going all the way to the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup semi-final before claiming the UCI Urban Cycling World Championships one week later, Justin Dowell has just given us a taste of what he can do. 
Get ready to see your High Five Awards winners take on 2019 by staying tuned to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.
Monday, December 24, 2018 - 15:25

Check out the latest FISE UP of the year, in this issue17 you will find a "Family portrait" with professional skater Willy Santos, a focus on the wakeboard scene. The wakeboard magazine Handle made its very own revolution this year with a new, more modern digital format highlighting trips that are just as frequent as they are exotic. For us, editor-in-chief Raynald Tanny selected some of its most beautiful images and best stories which add to the charm of collective travels. See for yourself. New short interview format dedicated to some people who have a lot of things going on. Let’s start with one of the top girls in BMX, the most stylish one for sure: Spanish rider Teresa Fernandez. Those who keep an eye on the small yet highly creative world of rollerblading do know Maxime Genoud, not only for his riding but also for his photographs


Monday, December 10, 2018 - 13:05
Roller Princess Manon Derrien is carving the way for women in Roller sport and is already excited for next year’s FISE World Series – and the last season of Game of Thrones. Let’s just call her the real-life Daenerys.
After she won the overall 2018 FISE World Series Women’s Roller title, we caught up with Manon to learn a little bit more about the woman off the blades. 

Favourite stop on the 2018 FISE World Series tour?  

Hiroshima, because it was my first time in Japan. 

Favourite way to spend your free time?  

Spending time with my friends! 

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?  

Most of the time I wear children shoes... 

Would you rather stay in a 5-star hotel or camp under the stars?  

Depends on the moment but I would say a camp under the stars! 

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?  

I would love to visit every single place in Japan! 

One thing you could never give up?  

Falling on my butt / cleaning spots with it! 

If you could invite any 3 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would you invite?  

Freddy Mercury, Etta James and my Grandpa (I would love to show him who I have become). 

What current trend don’t you like?  

I have no idea! 

What is your comfort food?  

Bread & French cheese 

Fill in the blank: The best thing that happened in 2018 was ___: 

Adding women to the Roller Freestyle World Cup in the FISE World!!! 

Favourite time of year?  

Spring, because it means contest time and that I’m going to see my friends there! Also because the weather is much better! 

Favourite toy you had as a child?  

My big brothers! 

Biggest challenge so far?  

Develop my sport for women and make them want to try! 

Who got you into skating?  

My friends from school. 

Describe your perfect day:  

Waking up early, having a big breakfast, big session with my friends, party and then why not – karaoke! 

If you could be anyone or anything for one day, who/what would you be?   

Julien Cudot, I could learn all of his tricks (spins) and I could do it by myself after one day (or at least a few!). 

Sweet or salty?  


What makes you angry?  

People who throw away their garbage / plastic bags /cigarette butts everywhere… 

What was the last item you purchased?  

A cuddly toy for my friends’ baby ;-) 

Most romantic date you’ve been on?  

No one comes to mind... 

What are you most excited for next year?  

The FISE World Series 2019 and… The last season of Game of Thrones! 
You can watch Manon take on the Roller scene on her Instagram.