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FISE and Pidu district are working together to develop the next generation of Chinese Action Sports Stars.

This year FISE is bringing more to Chengdu than just the final stop of the FISE World Series. Pidu District offered the perfect location to host the event, it goes further in the relationship with Hurricane by implementing a FISE Academy. This package supported by a new Park specially build for the event, which will stay on as a legacy for the people of Pidu to enjoy. Through weekly lessons, monthly student performances and trimonthly contests, Pidu District will quickly become the hub of Action Sports in all of Sichuan Province.

Pidu FISE Skateboard / BMX After School Program

By a balanced mix of comprehensive street course training, competition training and recreational time where Action Sports culture will be taught, budding riders will be ushered by professional teachers passionate about their disciplines. The regular equipment for BMX and Skateboarding will be provided to all students, within the required security ones to let everybody improve in a safe environment.

Monthly After School Performance

The last Saturday of each month, the FISE Academy invites parents and locals to the Pidu new Park to enjoy a performance from its students. The event will highlight celebrate the progress made by students over the month, and give the occasion for their close relatives to get what their sport is about. Coaches will kick-off the event with a short performance to give a glimpse of the best of them.

Trimonthly Action Sports Skateboard Jam

Every three months, FISE Academy puts on a lively Skateboard Jam for Chinese, foreigner and distinguished students. All students and parents are invited to spectate along with local Chinese residents and government leaders. It will act as a mini series contest in which the overall winner over one year will be awarded. This occasion will be also good to gather with other Action Sports schools, to shake the BMX and Skateboard community.





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It is all still to play for in Chengdu with a number of key battles still to take place to determine the overall FISE World Series 2018 winners. This stop is extra critical for the BMX Freestyle Park riders as it is the first event to count towards qualifying for the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.  
Alongside the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World event we also have the UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup which is always a rad show to see. The WS Roller Freestyle competition completes this magic World Cup trio. Over on the Street Park along with Skateboard, we introduce a fresh discipline in Scooter Freestyle. To complete this super packed programme we have the aerial tricks of the Mountain Bike Freestyle.

Zoom on Chengdu spots 

FISE World Series has always been committed to teaming up with cities,  equally for their crowds' appreciation of Action Sports and for the cities soul itself. Chengdu is no exception, the landscape of this huge metropole offers an incredible set up which is perfect to ride. More than just focusing on the competitive side of the event, riders spread the festival vibes in the whole city by dropping & shredding some awesome street spots. Showing their best tricks to the local audience by riding the event ramps, swapping tricks with the local riders on their home spots and supporting the blossoming of action sports culture. This is what FWS attendees experience at every stop. Check out this video with the skateboarder's team : Zander Gabriel, Tomas Vintr, George Pool et Sebastian Mouron
Can't wait to see what they have in the bag for the upcoming event? 
Copyright : Cédric de Rodot - Chengdu 2017
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With only weeks to go until the final event of FWS 2018 it’s time to check out the parks your favourite riders will be shredding!



 1st let's take a look at the Freestyle Park that will be set up in Chengdu from November 1st  to 4th. For this event we have the return of the legendary "cradle" that we first saw this season in Japan (Hiroshima) in April.  The Roller Freestyle and the BMX Freestyle Park competitions will both take place on this park and we can’t wait to see how the riders incorporate the “cradle” into their lines. Another big talking point on this park is the new "Jump Box" with hips on the sides which should allow for some interesting aerial tricks.
Freestyle Park FISE Chengdu
The Street Park will require technical runs, it’s designed with rails and curves with different size extensions that will allow for more transfers.
On the park several lines will be possible to achieve sequences of technical tricks. Here again the rendering will be interesting for Skateboarders.
 The technical details may prove to be a challenge for some riders, but will definitely provide a spectacular show for those watching the riders give their all in the grand finale!
 If you can’t join us in China do not panic, you can watch all the Finals LIVE on  Facebook !
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The 7 things to remember

From November 1st to 5th, all your favorite action sports athletes will be in Chengdu City for the last stop of the FISE World Series!
With only weeks to go until the Grand Final of the tour it’s time to start seriously planning your trip. To help you we have created this useful list:
Check the validity of your passport, book your accommodation and take the steps to make your Chinese visa, it is mandatory. Make sure to leave plenty of time to complete this. This website has all the information you will need.
2- A Mini Care Kit
The base in your kit should include: disinfectant, paracetamol, bandages, and a mask for pollution.
3- Your Itinerary
The names of all the places you wish to visit during your trip, written in Chinese is super useful.  Save them on your smart phone to make sure you don’t forget!
4- A universal power adapter
In China, 90% of the power outlets accept French plugs. However for the other 10%  you will need an adapter.
5- A small bottle of cleansing gel for the hands
If you like us enjoy eating street food having a small bottle of cleansing gel with you will be super useful.
6- Clothes
Focus on light clothes that will dry quickly. A waterproof jacket is always useful. The autumn period is the best weather wise as the climate is mild and the rain is rare.
7- Currency and Transport
The currency used is the Yuan and everything is paid in cash. To travel around, there are several modes of transport available: bus, plane, train, bike. But beware the distances are often considerable, and it can take several weeks to visit some regions, so anticipate well and plan your trip in advance.
Follow the list and you will be ready for an awesome trip. For now the number one priority is to take care of your VISA.







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Stay near the festival in Port Camargue!

If you are joining us for the last leg of the FISE Xperience Tour the Espiguette campsite is the ideal place to stay. It is close to the sea, cheaper than a hotel and a much better way to experience the natural beauty of Grau du Roi port Camargue.
Located super near to the festival, Espiguette is the perfect place to stay and enjoy the festival for one, two, three, four or five days!
And the best news is we have a special offer for FISE Xperience attendees:
Lodge Comfort  (Sleeps 6)
50€ per night 
(limited number of lodges available)





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We’re pumped to have Mountain Bike back at the last stop of the FISE World Series 2018 in Chengdu. Some of you guys will probably watch the likes of Nicholi Rogatkin and Tomas Lemoine and dream of the wizardry they do on a mountain bike slope.

But hold up! You’ve never been on a mountain bike before, let alone riding one downhill? Before you jump on a bike and race down a mountain, here are five tips you’ll find helpful.

1. Get your saddle height right

Your knees can be put through hell if your saddle is at the wrong height. Here’s the general rule of thumb (and it’s a good one):
if your knees are sore at the front, raise the saddle
if your knees are sore at the back, lower the saddle
This could save you a trip to the doctor – and you’ll thank us later!

2. Maintain momentum

It might not feel the most natural thing at first, but it’s true – momentum is your friend. Holding your speed when you’re taking on challenging terrain makes it easier to get through. Trust your bike and trust your control.

3. Don’t be tempted to brake hard

Mountain bike brakes are damn strong – you don’t need to yank them down hard to reduce your speed or you’ll be flipping over the handlebars before you know it. Use the brakes to adjust your speed before you approach obstacles and maintain your speed as you go through them (see point 2).

4. Use all the gears

You’ll know if you’re in too high a gear – it’ll feel like pedalling through treacle and you’ll burn out fast. Shift down a gear or two and you’ll notice the difference. Find yourself a good pedalling rhythm and go up or down gears when necessary to ensure you stick to it.

5. Pack spares and know your repairs

A spare inner tube and a bike pump – always have these essentials with you on the mountain. You’re more likely to pop a tire on terrain than on a road, so having this kit could prove a lifesaver. You kind of need to know some basic repairs too, like how to fix a flat tire or mend a broken chain (there are some good videos online explaining how to do this).

1–4 November 2018 :  Mountain Bike Slopestyle returns to FISE World Series Chengdu.
Find out more about the event here.


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2018 has been an incredible year for BMX Flatland. For the first time ever, we’ve had the UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup at the FISE World Series, with the world’s greatest riders bringing their A-game to prove they’re the best.

With just the final leg of FISE World Series to go in Chengdu, we take a look at 5 of the world’s most talented Flatland riders. 

Matthias Dandois (France)

Age: 29
2018 Series points: 28,200

Man, this guy has been on fire in 2018 having won 2 legs of the UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup to date. Whether showcasing his latest move ‘the Footlocker’ or spinning on the back wheel for what seems like hours, you can see why Matthias is ranked No.1 in the world.

Alex Jumelin (France)

Age: 40
2018 Series points: 27,200

This Frenchman isn’t far behind top spot in the world rankings. After a performance that had fans on their feet at FISE World Series Edmonton, it’s clear that the veteran is still hungry for success. Constant innovation has kept Alex at the top for over two decades: will he bring something new to the table in Chengdu? 

Jorge Gómez (Spain)

Age: 37
2018 Series points: 22,900

The 3-time world champion has excited fans around the world with his original and theatrical style. Those in Hiroshima in April can testify to this as Jorge span his way to a 2nd-place finish. The Red Bull athlete is known to push the limits of technical trickery – we’re can’t wait to see what else ‘Viki’ has in the bag for the rest of 2018!

Jean William Prévost (Canada)

Age: 31
2018 Series points: 22,600

You can never rule out the man known as ‘Dub’. The 2017 FISE World Series champion is a human hurricane every time he gets on a bike, impressing fans and rivals with his speed and unique style. We saw some great moves from the Canadian in Edmonton this year, but know his best is yet to come!

Moto Sasaki (Japan)

Age: 33
2018 Series points: 21,600

If Flatland was a religion in Japan, Moto would be its god! Renowned for his technical ability and consistency, he has put Japan on the Flatland map and proved more than capable of competing with the best. A constant on the world circuit, the former world champion has every chance of winning the last leg of the UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup.

Friday, August 3, 2018 - 16:48
So we’ve had a few weeks to get our breath back… Feeling okay? Great!

The FISE World Series took Edmonton – and Canada – by storm. For those who missed it, here’s a quick recap on the event and how things are shaping up for our final stop in Chengdu. 

Logan Martin – back with a bang!
95.00! Logan’s amazing score for his final run. You can put your eyes back in their sockets now – he’s on the way up and he sure means business.

After missing the Hiroshima stop due to injury, ‘The Machine’ is making up for lost time and collecting points by the bucketful! He’s already 4th in the rankings and just a few points behind current leader Nick Bruce.

Will Chengdu be the scene of the greatest comeback in FISE history?
Alex Jumelin – at the top of his game
The 40-year-old godfather of BMX proved in Edmonton that age is just a number when he claimed his first 2018 World Series win.

Alex showed us what can be done on a Flatland stage, pulling out a variety of both front and back wheel tricks while demonstrating incredible balance and style.

Only 1,000 points separate him from his mentee Matthias Dandois at the top of the rankings.

You can bet the final battle in Chengdu is going to be epic!



Riso Tury – the dark horse of 2018?  

Riso has been the ‘almost’ man for much of 2018.

Runner-up at Edmonton and Hiroshima, and currently 2nd overall, the Slovakian has been hugely impressive on the circuit. 

Everything rests on how Riso does in Chengdu. Can he up his game to snatch the title from Ikeda Daisuke whose gnarly grinds and legendary McTwists have put him in pole position?



Women’s BMX circuit – youth dominates
In Canada, BMX Freestyle is definitely a young woman’s game!
There were many amazing runs in the Edmonton leg of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park Women’s World Cup, but it was the youngsters who nailed the huge moves.

Hannah Roberts, reigning champion and winner, is only 16.  What’s more, the top 3 riders are all under 21.

If this is anything to go by, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be some contest!


Be sure to catch up on the action from FISE World Series Edmonton on our  YouTube channel. 
The final stop of this year’s FISE World Series will be in Chengdu, China, 3–5 November 2018.