Back To The Bowl : A unique documentary

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 10:49
Back back to the bowl documentaire red bull film
Everybody knows about it, it was already heading to legend status from the first hours of its building : the Prado bowl in Marseille. A mythical place bringing cohesion and uniting skateboarders since 25 years now. Ridden by the best skaters, it was inspired by Californian concrete bowls, the genesis' place for skateboarding. The Z-boys spent their life from pool to pool and the Marseille guys wanted their own pool where everyone would be able to ride freely and they got it ! Dive back into a flow of memories meticulously prepared by Julian Nodolwsky and Red Bull TV. 
Go back into 25 years of history between Californian beaches and the Mediterranean coast,  watch it here :
Photo credit : Cédric De Rodot