Shanice Silva Cruz : passion first

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 18:05
Back Bracelet Shanice
It is the story a 25 years young girl, Shanice Silva Cruz, perfect example of what it is to be an enthusiast ready to realize its dreams.  
Coming from the Netherlands, today she dedicates her life to BMX and it's proving to bring her success ! We remember her victory in the 2015 FISE World Montpellier and her third place in 2016 but her desires and ambitions are beyond that. In love with her sport, she wants to develop the girls participation in BMX competitions especially since the creation of the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup. Her wish : to make it to the entire FISE World Series. The problem is the funding for this tour. Despite the development of competitions for girls, sponsors are not on the same level of reactivity and it is difficult for them to fund their trips and registration fees.  
Shanice, a young creator full of ambition 
Shanice proves again her level of motivation but also her creator's talents. Because to pay for some of her trip and tour the world with the FISE, she makes personalized bracelets that she sells for 10€ each, if you are interested you can get some info here
We can help Shanice to make her dreams reality, see the world of BMX Freestyle grow among the girls and give them confidence.