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10 Jul 2018 15:55

Ones to watch at FISE World Series Edmonton 2018   

It’s time for stop no. 3 in the FISE World Series. Athletes are currently making their way over to the Canadian heartland for 3 days of BMX Freestyle, Flatland and Skateboard with one thing on their mind – victory. 
After a stunning edition FISE World Montpellier back in May, we’re expecting big things from those athletes who made it on the podium, and those who perhaps should’ve made it. So, who are the ones to watch at FISE World Series Edmonton 2018? 
Marin Rantes (BMX Freestyle) 
A 3rd place finish in Montpellier puts the Croatian tantalisingly close to the overall top 3. When ‘Marin Rantes’ is called over the mic, eyes look up. This is because the 22-year old has a reputation for throwing the big tricks. His Instagram-famous taco-wheel from FISE World Series Hiroshima shows Marin puts his bike – and his safety – on the line. If he sticks his tricks in Edmonton, we expect him to be knocking on the door to the top 3.
Nikita Ducarroz (BMX Freestyle) 
A top-3 finisher in 2017, this Swiss rider is one of the most consistent performers on the Women’s circuit. When 2017 Champion Hannah Roberts looks over her shoulder, she sees Nikita Ducarroz. Nikita is only a few points away from the American rider, who is widely considered to be the top Women’s park rider in the world. It certainly makes for a spicy rivalry… will Nikita finally push past the field for an Edmonton victory?
Jean-William Prevost (BMX Flatland) 
Jean-William Prevost is coming home to Canada with a point to prove. His extremely disappointing 7th-place finish in Montpellier left us wondering what had happened to the reigning FISE World Flatland champion. But if we know JW, we know he’s going to come back hungrier than ever with his typically aggressive style. Flatland is not one to miss. Edmonton Flatland is definitely not one to miss. It could get emotional if the man from Montreal pulls out another win.
Richard Tury (Skateboard) 
Slovakian kid plays Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. Slovakian kid picks up a skateboard. Slovakian kid becomes one of the best street skaters in the world. Just the usual story then. 
You’d be forgiven for looking past Riso Tury on the skate park. His casual style fools you into thinking he isn’t even trying. But, after a solid performance in Montpellier, this skater is sitting 2nd overall in the 2018 World Series rankings and is making people sit up and pay attention. Keep an eye on Riso on the Edmonton park as he uses his unique lines to push himself into 2018 championship contention.
FISE World Series Edmonton runs from 13 to 15 July. Follow the action from Canada on FISE Facebook, Instagram and Twitter