FISE World Montpellier -

BMX Street Pro Final

21 May 2023 20:58

With the Montpellier weather putting the brakes on a lot of the contests today, the BMX Street contest was a ray of sunshine. The contest was transformed from a best run format into a Best Trick Jam, where the riders were split into groups of 4 and had 3 minutes to try and pull their best tricks. There were some of the best BMX Street Riders on the Park today including street legend Nathan Williams and rider Colin Varanyak who’d stopped off on their way to Barcelona for their first ever FISE Contest. Despite the line up of Heavy Hitters it was once Again Courage Adams who took home the top Prize. If you’re familiar with Courage’s riding it should be no surprise he won the contest with a line that included one of his famous Manuals, the winning combo was Bar, Manual, 180 bar, absolutely insane stuff from one of the best in the game. In second place was another Street Legend Alex Kennedy, Alex is one of every riders favorite rider and he had only one thing in his mind. The crowd went wild when he landed the pegs, feeble hard, 180 backwards grind to take second place. In third place was Thomas Carrott with a massive 360 Whip. Another incredible street contest at the FISE!