FISE World Montpellier -
Roller Park

Early risers and unbeatable motivation for the Pro Roller Women riders

20 May 2023 16:42

After the qualifiers were canceled due to rain, and the final postponed to this Saturday, the Pro Roller riders had to stay motivated and warmed up before they finally had the opportunity to show all their talent to the public gathered on the Berges du Lez despite the early hour. Well, it was really worth getting up early this morning!

We have seen women's rollerblading progress at the FISE, from one edition to the next, always stronger. This year, the regulars of the Montpellier contest were joined by a new generation of new young riders who are pushing the limits of the sport even further! A nice selection where Spain, Japan, and France are largely represented, and three groups of five riders evaluated on the best of their two runs. Sick runs were laced one after the other, packed with big tricks too, and without any doubt, we witnessed one of the most challenging contests in terms of technical level, style, and amplitude on the biggest spots this park has to offer!

In third place, we find the Spanish Eneritz Quincoces who offered two very beautiful runs with well-thought lines, but also a huge frontflip on the fun box, as well as spinning a McTwist in one direction and a 540 in the other, something extremely technical. On the second step of the podium, the young rider from Gap Lilou Fumery, 13 years old only and already full of genius. She landed a big 360 from the get-go and a royale on the drop rail, as well as a huge misty flip on the fun box, already showing great experience in her run management! But on top of the rankings, 13 years old too, it’s the incredible Mei Myoga who represents this new Japanese scene with cleanliness and style. She started her run with a beautiful fakie 720 on the fun box, and the rest was a succession of tricks, each one cleaner than the other, thus earning her this well-deserved first place!

Perseverance in the face of obstacles (and sometimes the vagaries of the weather!), undeniable progression, and beautiful collective emulation, values that have carried our riders through these finals, offering the public a wake-up call as impressive as welcome after a rainy night in Montpellier! A big congratulations to these new talents, we are already looking forward to watching them evolve on the next stages of the FISE for another crazy contest!