Matis NEYROUD, ignites the final of Scooter Freestyle Park Pro Men

21 May 2023 18:30

Yesterday, despite rain stopping the competition for the last heat, we still had breathtaking runs.
The level was even higher this year than last year. International riders were present for the occasion, like the Polish riders, which had never attended before. 
An incredible level in Freestyle Park Scooter, Americans as well as English, but also former world champions, who are still today at the top level.
We will remember the name of Chris FARRIS, who showed commitment during his run. 
Matis NEYROUD, as for him, marked the spirits by realizing a World first on the Park of Montpellier. He realized a manual board, manual front flip drop. A first!

And even if we could not finish this beautiful final, we finished on a positive note with a happy public with the best tricks on scooter. 

And as our super speaker JD would say : "AAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA" !