FISE World Montpellier


28 May 2017 22:00

They were so close in the ranking last year, LOGAN MARTIN and DANIEL DHERS are on the move again this year, this time with KOSTYA ANDREEV as the first outsider coming into the mix on this Montpellier stopover. Last year's winner of the UCI BMX Park confirmed again his great current shape (his run here) ; stronger than ever, the Australian could almost discourage the rest of the pack. But after a winter of practice in California all winter, the Russian came back super-motivated and could almost touch the first place with his usual 360 whip and barspin combos (his run here). His best trick, never done before, marked forever this historic FISE : canonball to whip. Daniel Dhers finishes in third (his run here) before NICK BRUCE, ALEX COLEBORN, BRANDON LOUPOS and the rest of a North American contingent. The show was incredible again, let's hope that the UCI delegation enjoyed this BMX PARK WORLD CUP first stopover very much. See you in Budapest!

BMX Park results

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Kostya Andreev, canonball to whip / (c) Valentin Lecaille