FISE WORLD Montpellier

Interview of Thomas Genon, winner of the FWS Montpellier 2014

18 Jun 2014 09:47
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The 2014 FWS Montpellier winner, Belgian rider Thomas Genon, will be in Andorra for the second stop of the FISE World Series. We caught up with him just the time of a few questions:

- How do you see the second stop of the tour in Andorra after winning the MTB Slopestyle event in Montpellier recently?

I really can't wait to be in Andorra! First of all because I have never been, second because I know almost everyone is going. It's gonna be good! The guys from Lyon are there building the course so that's even better. I'm very happy of how my season started and I really hope things keep going that way.

-The event is actually taking place on a mountain this year. Do you think it's going to change the way the riders' habits?

 It's actually a good thing that the event takes place on a mountain. We ride "mountain" bikes, so normally the events should take place in the mountains as much as possible! I think everyone should be happy about this change,

- Do you have any new tricks that you're going to attempt at the FISE World Andorra?

 Not particularly, but I wasn't able to do all I wanted in Montpellier. I saw some pictures of the course and we're going to need quite a lot of courage and commitment!