Day 2 Recap

20 Dec 2015 11:58
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After the qualifications on Friday night, there were 13 riders on the list for the BMX Park Pro semi finals, right here on Langkawi Island. 

In the highlights of the semi finals, we have of course Logan Martin who performed a super clean run, as we are used to see him do. He knows his line so much that there are rumors that he could actually do it blind-folded! With that many well executed tricks under his belt, he is definitely on the right track to win the overall FISE World Series. He indeed finished first in these semi finals, so he will be the last one to go in the finals and that is a big advantage. 

Daniel Sandoval, on his end, is tied with Logan Martin in the overall rankings, but Daniel will have to be on fire to make it in front of the Australian. One thing  is for sure, it will e very tight and the show, insane. However, the biggest highlight yesterday was definitely Daniel Dhers' run: nobody knew if the Venezuelian rider would be able to ride due to health reasons. He had a crash on a scooter while visiting the Island, avoiding a truck at the very last minute and ending on the asphalt, and had important road rash, especially on the hands.  When he landed after the first box, we could all see the pain in his face but the warrior inside of him woke up, he clenched his teeth and finished his run with consistence and perfection: "business as usual". 

The Australian Brandon Loupos also gave us a big fright: after completing a great first run, he crashed very hard and wasn't able to  complete his second run, which brought him to finish with only 50% of the points.

Today, we are wrapping up with a high level finals under the tropical heat, and we will also get to know who will be the overall FISE World Series BMX Park Pro winner... So much suspense!! 

While we're waiting to see who will take home the win this year, let's take a look at Logan Martin's run and check out the Open BMX Qualification results (here) and the Open Roller results (here)