FISE World Montpellier 2016

Focus on our weather man

08 May 2016 16:24

Marc, can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Marc Montgaillard, I'm a hydrologist, I study the water cycle, rain and the rivers' flow. I'm an expert in extreme rain episodes and specialized in the mediterranean region. I've participated to the reference studies on the Lez, so it's a river I know well. I'm from Montpellier, it helps... When the FISE came to take place on the riversides, Hervé and Eric called me to help them setting up a system of hydro-meteorological watch, in order to guarantee the safety of the event in case of strong rain. 

Which tools are at your disposal ?

We use a meteorological system to evaluate the general situation, anticyclone/depression/wind strength in the few days weather forecast, then as the date comes closer, we work on the data sensors in real time and on the rain radar pictures. It enables us to stick to reality and to be very reactive on the local weather variations. In practice, it helps taking decisions when it comes to moving or postponing a contest, so things can happen in the best conditions for the riders and everyone's pleasure !

We saw you this morning on the live with a big yellow machine, what's the deal with that ?

Thursday on the spine ramp, condensation forced us to postpone the BMX contest, so we thought more heat would guarantee the proper conditions on friday night. Without wasting a minute, Rémi worked on setting up a heating system under the ramps. So to make sure the temperatures were well distributed under the ramp, I pulled out the thermic camera. Naturally, things went a bit crazy and we flashed our faces, which explains these images on La Matinale with Miguel and Dom. 

You could see that the ramp was warm...and the riders and the public were on fire !

Photos shot with the thermic camera, the zones in red represent the warmest zones :











Ok and today, the weather problems finally got us ?

Unfortunately, the humid flow is dropping a little bit of rain on us, just enough to make the ramps slippery. However, this ramp heating system is a new "world first" for the FISE and its teams !