FISE World Croatia 2016

Girls power in the UCI BMX Freestyle Park finals !

24 Jul 2016 18:26
While it was still hot the girls got to work at finals of the second round of the UCI BMX Freestyle World in Osijek, Croatia. Tricks like backflips and crankflip barspins were pulled by the finalists which got the people watching the finals on their feet. The girls also progress at a fast rate and it was Germany's Lara Lessmann who grabbed the win in front of Cory Coffey (USA) and Valeri Steffe who was born in the hosting country Croatia but currently lives in The Netherlands.
Lara's runs included cancans and crankflips and even when the time was up, she pulled a crankflip-barspin just for the crowd. Mother of two Cory Coffey is loving it in Croatia and had the time of her life riding the girls class and scoring some UCI points at the same time before she attends the rest of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Tour in Denver, USA, Edmonton, Canada and Cheng-Du, China. She still has those flips wired in case you were wondering.

Third place went to Valeri Steffe who grinded the box and ended her runs with a proper dab for the crowd.

Girls Park Croatia is in the books, up next : Fise Denver for round three.

UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Girls Round two :
1 Lara LESSMANN 93.00 pts
2 Coffey CORY 89.33 pts
3 Valeri STEFFE 80.33 pts

Photo credit : Cédric De Rodot