FISE Hiroshima

Climbing Boulder on fire

07 Apr 2018 13:12
As the afternoon began the crowd gathered around the multi coloured bouldering wall to enjoy the Womens Bouldering Semi Final. Of the 14 athletes competing 12 were from Japan and there were 2 international athletes, 1 French and 1 American. Yuji Hirayama the Japanese bouldering federations Vice President remarked that the French share the agility skill with Japanese’s, as "ninjas".  
The Mens bouldering Semi Final produced an intense battle that lasted until the very last second. Nicolas Collin from Belgium fought until the very last run to qualify for the final tomorrow. French man Clément Ozuns – performed well and finished with a really good place. 
Athletes - women and men - though the competition was fun and exciting. Tomorrow finals should be thrilling to be really you can catch the mens final from 10:00 am and womens at 12:50pm in Hiroshima, or on FISE.TV
Photo credits : Armand Lenoir / The Agency