FISE Hiroshima


08 Apr 2018 13:02
Photo credit : Cédric de Rodot 
After a massive battle between riders in the semi-final the stage was set for an awesome Men’s UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup.  The leader from qualifying Alex Colborn one of the competitions most technical riders, usually an expert in lip tricks missed one of his signature tricks and ended up in 6th place. Australian rider Brandon Loupos scored a massive 92.10 points making it extremely difficult for anyone to knock him off the top spot. Kenneth Tencio had the crowd holding their breath as his did his customary drop in from the huge wall at the back of the park and the rest of his run was just as impressive earning him 2nd place. Last year’s winner Daniel Dhers recovered from his fall yesterday to produce an excellent run landing him in 3rd place. 


1 - Brandon Loupos
2 - Kenneth Tencio
3 - Daniel Dhers
All the results here.