FISE Hiroshima

Get ready for your trip

29 Jan 2018 11:02

In april we are heading to Japan for one of the FISE World Series tour stopovers. A first time for the FISE and the action will take place from April 6 to 8. But have you prepared your trip to come over and meet us in Hiroshima and use this stopover as a chance to discover the country ? 

In case you would not know this fact, April is a festive month as it is the cherry blossom season.

It is the most beautiful season of the year, and the Japanese spring draws crowds. In that sense we recommend you to make your reservations in advance.  

Some tips from the editors ;)

> Budget 

It is often said that Japan is a pricy destination, so expect a 700 to 1000 euros flight both ways per person. As always, you will find the best deals by preparing your trip earlier and you will save money.

> Visa 

French citizens do not need any visa if it is a tourist travel, however other nationalities will find all practical information on Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website :

> Internet / Tel 

Make sure before leaving, to subscribe an adapted offer with your phone provider. Same thing with the internet connection. We found the perfect solution, ready to go and it is called Poket Wifi, you can rent it and it is convenient to have access to the internet wherever you go !

> Health 

Healthcare costs are high, make sure you subscribe for a health insurance before you leave and bring the medecine you need. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ! 

> Suitcase 

We take a bit of everything, even if the season is not cold. We will think about winter clothing for the cloudy days and mid-season clothing for the warm afternoons. Sunglasses are also welcome. 

> Currency

In Japan, the currency is the yen, in average : 1€ = 120 yens 

> Practical info 

- Reserve your hotel on Booking or 
Find a flight to Japan 

> Things to do

Hiroshima : On April 8, it will be the FISE Hiroshima finals but it will also be the Hana Matsuri flowers festival to celebrate the birth of Bouddha
Tokyo : If you stop in Tokyo, go for a late afternoon walk by the Meguro river under the lit cherry blossom. Magical.
Everywhere in Japan : For those who love to eat good food, try the Japanese specialties flavored with cherry blossom, like mochi, café latte etc...