FISE Hiroshima

How to come here ?

03 Apr 2018 11:06

Kon'nitchiwa ! 

You just arrived in Hiroshima, click here to find FISE Hiroshima which is actually just in front of the Genbaku Dôme, you just can't miss the white tents !
In japanese : 原爆ドーム 

How to get to the event ?

By tramway -- Trams #2 or 6, "Genbaku Domu-mae (A-bomb Dome)" stop (about 20 minutes from Hiroshima south-station)
By bus -- "Shimin Kyujo-mae" stop (about 15 minutes from Hiroshima south-station)
Located by the entrance of the Peace Memorial Park  
Destination not accessible with the JR Pass
Find here all practical informations about the event 

Japanese essentials

Japanese people are extremely friendly and smiling, don't hesitate to ask them for informations !
Here is a quick lexicon to start a conversation with them using some basics :
Hello : konnichiwa
Thank you very much : arigato gozaimasu 
Good evening : konbawa
Goodbye : sayonara
Where is it : doko desu ka (peut être votre expression favorite)
Taxi :Takushi 
Train : Densha
Bus : Basu 
Cheers : Kanpai 
Beautiful : Kirei
Excellent : Subarashii
Don't think twice about using them, it will be much appreciated. 

Don't worry, if you need people to understand you a bit more,  a mix of english and sign language works everytime !

Did you know it ? 

A Japanese person barely gives thanks in shops or restaurants because in Japan, the customer is king and the staff is dedicated to providing the best service.

Have a great stay !