FISE Montpellier


13 May 2018 18:46
The conditions are difficult with the rain and the temperature at 10 ° but the riders are motivated to put on a show for the brave spectators who have gathered on the banks of the lez. At least there is no wind.
Timo Kapl landed backside 900 to score 33.75 pts which puts him second behind a Dominik Hernler who landed a very comfortable in backside 180 double grab. He likes to ride on the kicker in the opposite direction. Daniel Grant remains at an unusual 4th place with 29.58. His incomprehensible fall trying a mobydick confirms that it is not his weekend, unlike Guenther Oka who is only 3 points behind his Austrian compatriot.
The Austrian retains his lead with two new flawless runs and the most beautiful tantrum blind out of pole jam.
The results :
1 – Dominik Hernler
2 – Guenther Oka
3 – Timo Kapl
4 – Daniel Grant
5 – Nick Schäfers
6 – Jules Charraud