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Freestyle Park 2

24 Apr 2018 23:56

Big news on the 2018 FISE Montpellier, the Freestyle Park 2 has been created for Freestyle Scooter and Roller Freestyle Park in partnership with Région Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée.

Focus on Freestyle Scooter 

One of the latest growing disciplines, Freestyle Scooter quickly started to be in contact with the other sports and share the same spots. Easily accessible, many riders have started at an early age and as they grew up, they pushed the level of tricks giving their discipline credibility. Featuring rotating handlebars, the tricks look alike BMX tricks, the discipline which widely inspires scooter while it keeps its specifities. 

And Roller Freestyle Park ?

In Roller Freestyle Park, every athlete's run is performed at top speed on the entire park which allows for a combination of aerial tricks and various slides. The evaluation of the runs favours each rider's own expression in their riding, beyond skills and amplitude. You can find the Roller World Cup here : World Skate Roller Freestyle Park Cup