FISE Montpellier

Matthias Dandois, number 1

12 May 2018 21:29
The crowds are going wild
With the famous Kwett going crazy behind the microphone and t DJ Dadou behind the decks the audience are in very good hands which only need to clap in order to get the ambiance at a max for the start of the night!
The flat land has always been a strong and important moment for the FISE. A small flat platform with artists showing off their balance in order to pull of tricks of immense difficulty in order to please the judges.
Luckily, we have an excellent jury of judges to enlighten us on how things work and to shed light and determine who has the honour amongst the riders to take home a world cup in the world of Freestyle under the watchful eyes of the UCI.  A wonderful development for the sport and it’s not the « Toon » (Thailand) that will tell us any different. He has a sublime style and shows off his country’s flag and lands a place in the top 3!
Ouh là là » Moto Sasaki
Its those very french words that our presenter Kwett used when Sasaki finished his run. A magical run which means he takes the lead with a series of diffiuclt tricks with 88.76 points  Viki Gomez can’t catch up.
Matthias Dandois raises the bar incredibly high
After weeks of promotion of the film « Milf » in which he plays one of the main roles, the French star is able to pull off some of the most difficult and amazing stunts possible in this discipline! With his arsenal of new tricks that he has learnt through his travels (close to 300 days of traveling in the past year) he has raised the bar very high with a score of 92.93 points! Good luck to our last rider Alex Jumelin.
Alex Jumelin finished second
Jumelin puts a foot down very early in his run and looses any chance of beating his freind Matthias Dandois but it didn’t come to much anyway. With a run full of his backward rolling boomerands and g turn infinities, the creator of the FISE Flat Academy, the flatland activist finishes second with 91.63 points. Matthias Dandois realised how hard it is to win this competition with such a busy life style. Nothing but the upmost respect for these two riders with that they do for the discipline that is BMX Flatland.
Final results UCI BMX Freestyle Flatland World Cup 
1 – Matthias Dandois
2 – Alex Jumelin
3 – Moto Sasaki
4 – Viki Gomez
5 – Lee Musselwhite
6 – Toon
7 – Kevin Nikulski
8 – Jean William Prévost
All results  here
Crédit photo : Armand Lenoir