FISE Montpellier


12 May 2018 20:43
Were underway for the semi-final of the Freestyle roller blading! Just like the BMX event this could count towards the final ranking due to the rain that is expected to hit Montpellier hard tomorrow! Our skaters are going all out to secure their place on the podium. This park is better suited to the roller blading than the usual BMX park with loads of rails and transfers available! As per usual Montpellier is packed with people and the crowds are going mad!
Nicolas Servy sent the crowds wild with a double back flip and two super solid runs filled with a confident and elegant riding style! He takes the lead of the of the competition with 86.66 points. Julien Cudot was heavily anticipated to be up in the top 3 however he failed two 540 transfers and comes last. It really was all or nothing for the Parisian and unfortunately, he leaves this competition defeated.
Behind Servy we find the Sem Croft (Netherlands) and the loyal Romain Godenaire as well as Joe Atkinson and CJ Wellsmore.
1 – Nicolas Servy
2 – Sem Croft
3 – Romain Godenaire
4 – Joe Atkinson
5- CJ Wellsmore
6 – Maxime Genoud
7 – Diego Guilloud
8 – Yuma Baudoin
9 – Anthony Avella
10 – Jaro Frijn
11 – Jeremy Melique
12 – Diion Domingues
We hope to see you tomorrow for the final!