15 Mar 2019 13:29

Today the Pro's came out to play and they didn't hold back just because it was qualifications!


The Wakeboard Pros went big to start the day. The contest youngster Maxime Roux (14 years) snatched first place, only a few tenths of a point ahead of Jules Charraud. This French duo were followed by Belgium's Victor Salmon who placed third in this qualifying contest.



On the Street Park, many amateurs gathered to shred the spot and try to grab the Golden Ticket in Skateboarding. Artee Diguol finished first 10 points ahead of Bilal Alshaik and Ahmed Haji who were neck and neck during the whole contest.



Rider in Roller Freestyle, had gathered from all over the country for the occasion. It was Baqyas Faris who took the lead, just ahead of Ibrahim Daghistani and Saif Ali Al Shamsi who will be serious competitors in the finals tomorrow.



12 Riders from 10 different Countries took to the Flatland Stage to fight for their chance to be in tomorrow’s final. It was an interesting afternoon with a lot of the top Riders struggling to land their combos. Sietse Van Berkel was the first rider up and he kicked things off in style. He has been riding for over 15 years and his experienced showed as he produced Great run to score  76.66 Pts. He managed to hang on to his top place all the way until the last rider of the afternoon Alex Jumelin produced a characteristic solid performance which pushed him into 1st place. Pakphum possa- art has been training intensely and his hard work paid off. His run included some Insane combos and he was landing everything cleanly. He pulled off some flairs on the stem that looked rad! He scored 76.00 which put him just behind VAN BERKEL to take 3rd place. Back Wheel Specialist Prevost was riding riding with an injury which is maybe why he wasn't at the level today that he usually is. The former FISE World Series Champion is known as one of the best in the game and you can be sure he will be looking to climb up the rankings tomorrow.



Then it was time for the amateurs to steal the spotlight in front of a growing crowd of. Performing in front of his homies gave Cesar Espinoza Huerta wings and created the surprise of the day with a very technical run. Omar Abdullah also stood out, ahead of Anwar Hussain Bin Harhara who placed third.



The calibre of riders we had for this event is insane. These are truly some of the best skaters in the World who have made the trip to Saudi for this event. As expected the level was ridiculously high. Benjamin GARCIA one of 2 French riders competing came out firing in Heat 1 and produced a perfect run and no one could move him from the top spot. ke'chaud Johnson has such a unique style. He was in full flow today gliding around the park and it was a pleasure to see him in action. He got a BIG score of 79.83 and he is sure to be feeling confident going into tomorrow's final. Joseph GARBACCIO from France's 2 runs were stacked full of tricks. It was like the board was glued to his feet he never missed a landing, so clean.



Same fight on the Freestyle Park that hosted BMX amateur qualifications. Alayyaf Alameer Albaz wins ahead of Hasan Ali Hajya and Hassan Alfilfil.



Things got off to a shaky start here as strong desert winds threatened to stop play. After a short riders meeting the guys decided to ride and much credit to them for that we all appreciate it! Despite the less than perfect conditions the riders really went for it. The competition was mesmerising to watch and no one impressed more than current FISE World Series champion Joe Atkinson. He absolutely killed the game in 2018 and it looks like he doesn't plan on stopping his hot streak in 2019. He goes into tomorrow's final in the top spot. In second was French rider Diako Diaby who flew around the course. You wouldn't guess he was new to the competition scene. In 3rd place was CJ Wellsmore from Australia who delighted the crowd with his showmanship and big aerial tricks.



12 Riders were battling for 8 spots in tomorrow's Final. A huge crowd had gathered around the Freestyle Park for this evening's show. Australian rider Loupos was a man on a mission and he rode with Passion and Power. He went all out in his first run landing a Cork 720 and a huge 900 which you almost never see. He topped it off with a Big Flair just on the buzzer and scored a Big 85.66 pts which was enough to take the top spot. In second place was Russian rider Konstantin Andreev who landed some superb combos including a Superman Seat Grab into a tailwhip which the crowd loved. In third place consistent rider Logan Martin produced 2 really impressive run.