FISE Chengdu -

The French Rollerblading Queen did it again !

03 Nov 2019 12:10

Today’s was a rad day for the women’s rollerblading. A specific challenge was waiting for the final spot of the year, with the contest being ran on the huge Freestyle Park for the WS Roller Freestyle Park World Cup. A bit more used to riding the FISE Street Park, women were committed to the next level to land their tricks on such a massive set up.

And it’s the current FISE World Series leader Manon Derrien who managed to keep her position, by showing a particularly clever way to build her line. She has a lot of contest experience, and she used it to her advantage ! She knows how to connect the tricks together and make it smooth, as she did with a rad spin on the quarter. 

The 17 year old ball of energy Juria Takebe from Japan took the second position with a nice line enhanced by a big backflip at the end, as well as some stylish grinds. 

The third place was playing at home, and proved that gnarly tricks can come from a 33 year old. Indeed, the Chinese Jing Hong Zhao wowed the crowd with a misty-flip, a trick that you hardly see any women doing, and a 540 over the box. 

Special mention for the fourth place Mery Munoz who showed the best grind style of the contest.