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Jingrong, Pidu district, Chengdu
As sister cities to Montpellier, Chengdu has been always working on improving the friendship of the two. FISE organizes events in the form of “Carnival of young Spirits” and delivers an attitude of no fear for challenge and proud of being oneself, which is exact an adequate form for Chengdu to demonstrate its vigorous and innovative side to the world. And the future location of FISE events is in Jingrong,Pidu District, which is about 30km west from center of Chengdu. And the positive attitude to innovations from local office would contribute to the continuing success of FISE event in Chengdu!

    QVR5+X3 Pidu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
    Qingshui River City Park, Pidu district, Chengdu


    QVR5+X3 Pidu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
    Qingshui River City Park, 100m to the west of the Qing Shui He crossing East Road and Piwen Road.

    Chinese: 小隐(望丛店)






    Chengdu’s airport : Shuangliu International Airport
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    Les ressortissants Français, Belges et Suisses doivent se munir d'un visa pour entrer sur le territoire de Chine. Le prix du visa pour les ressortissants Français est de 60€, plus les frais du centre de visa, ce qui fait 126€ au total. Attention, le délai d'obtention des visas pour la Chine est en moyenne de cinq jours.
    1.     Enjoy a feast of famous Hot Pot in one of featured restaurants in Chengdu! 
    2.     Sipping a cup of Covered-bowl Tea with a sense of jasmine in a traditional Tea House. 
    3.     Going to Kuixinglou Street at dinner time, and you will see how zealous and patient people are for delicious food in Chengdu. 
    4. If you fortunately visit Chengdu in autumn, take a walk in Jinli West Road or the campus of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. The stunning view of golden ginkgo leaves fallen all over around would definitely hold your stay there. 
    5. If you are a big fan of ancient history, Wuhou Shrine and JinSha Site Museum are no doubt on the top of your “must go list”. 
    These attractions provide an affluent and vivid description of ancient Chengdu. 
    6. If you are an honored PPO (Poop-picking Officer), you’ll find Chengdu is a great city to legally gather a crowd petting in cafes! 
    7. If you are lucky to know some local people, don't hesitate to ask him/her for their personal collection of stores for local snacks. Trust people first, if not, try Dazhongdianping (it’s an app providing all kinds of useful info. for having fun in Chengdu.)
    8. For music fans, Chengdu is also a energetic city with non-stop musical festivals from spring to autumn, which at least provide 10 large scale music festivals in outskirts of Chengdu. And for some pubs or cafes locate downtown, there are 3 to 4 live performances of all genres of music each week. 
    9. For fans of outdoor activities, a good choice is to travel for an hour or two to XiLing snow mountain or Pingle town and enjoy skiing or literal rock climbing there. Also within that distance, you can visit Qingcheng Mountain and E’mei Mountain to enjoy a visual feast of greens and take an oxygen bath.  
    10. If you wish to learn a bit more depth about development of Chinese Religions, visit Da’ci Temple and Wenshuyuan Temple for Buddhism in the center of Chengdu, and Qingyang Palace for Taoism. Also the origin of Taoism could be found on Qingcheng Mountain.