E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR

Incredible performances in the FIG Parkour Virtual Competition Freestyle

20 Sep 2020 21:52

After a remarkable qualifying phase, we also had an incredible Parkour Freestyle final. The level was very high, the athletes have all remained motivated to offer fans and judges a performance to take their breath away.

In the men's final the level was so high that the top 3 couldn’t be split and in the end we had a tie for first place with YASIN HEMATINEZHAD, DIMITRIS KYRSANADIS and ZEN SHIMADA all tied.

In the women’s contest we were blown away by so many fantastic entries with such diverse styles and spots used. The top 3 ended up as ELLA BUCIO from Mexico in first , then we had another tie for second place with athletes LILOU RUEL and ADELA MERKOVA sharing the second spot on the Podium.