E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR -

Instax Skateboard Street Qualifier

01 Sep 2020 16:41

Streets across the globe have been shredded and stair rails grinded. E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR Instax Skateboard Street finalists have been decided which 8 Pro Men and 4 Pro Women will go head-to-head in the E-FISE Finals. 
What’s next?
1.     Each finalist films and posts a new video. 
2.     Fans and judges vote.
3.     E-FISE Skateboard Street Men’s and Women’s winners are crowned.
Let’s see who’s in contention for the Street top spots.
1.     Aldana Bertran – Argentina
Watch Aldana’s qualifying video 👉 here
Cool, calm, collected … Aldana only needed 30 seconds to prove why she’s the top Skateboard Street rider going into the Final – taking on multiple flights of stairs (sometimes 3 in a row) to show her Street finesse and controlled skating ability. 
What’s she got for the Final? 
2.     Melisa Ruiz – Argentina
Watch Melisa’s qualifying video 👉 here
Can Melisa retain her FISE Montpellier 2019 3rd place, or will she go even higher on the E-FISE Montpellier leaderboard? She’s already on the right path with a score of 86 – only 0.38 points behind Aldana.  
It’s going to be a close final!
3.     Héloïse Wathelet – Canada
Watch Héloïse’s qualifying video 👉 here
Rocking the goofy stance, Héloïse is a slick and stylish rider who never seems to break a sweat. Although currently less well known than some, she’s determined to be seen and heard by the action sports community. 
Bring your best, Héloïse!

1.     Angelo Caro – Peru 
Watch Angelo’s qualifying video 👉 here
Angelo, a Red Bull Street Skateboarder, sits top of the E-FISE qualifier podium. 
Whipping out a backside 360 in his 1-minute entry proved the right recipe to win over fans and judges and gain a score of 94.6. 
If this strong video is only the beginning of his E-FISE journey, we dying to see what’s included in the next. 
2.     Zander Gabriel – USA
Watch Zander’s qualifying video 👉 here
A familiar face on the FISE Skating scene, 30-year-old Zander demonstrates that experience does count in a competition.  He saved the showstopper till last, finishing his video in style by taking on El Toro. 
You’ve got to finish with a bang, haven’t you?
3.     Joseph Garbaccio - France 
Watch Joseph’s qualifying video 👉 here
A well-known name in the skate world – and you can see why.  Joseph totally earned his place in the Final by taking on the full Street apparatus: from rails to stairs to benches.  
We can’t wait to see which Street spot he skates in the Final. 
Get set for the Finals
We’ve seen the top 3 Pros in the Women’s and Men’s E-FISE Skateboard Street competition, but don’t forget to check out the other 6 qualifiers.
Make sure you head to the E-FISE website to check out all the qualifiers and prepare to vote for who you want to win!