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Montpellier Breaking Contest : The Results

14 Sep 2020 10:39


This weekend the Breaking Finals took place LIVE on the FISE Facebook page.
The contest was 100% digital with LIVE battles with the athletes, MC Mario Bee, DJ Fleg, and the 3 judges Mounir, Asia One and Narumi.
In the adult BBOY category, the Ukrainian bboy Gimnast took first place ahead of Bumblebee and Jeffro. The level was incredible!
In the adult BGIRL battle, it was the 18-year-old French bgirl Carlota who won hands down with the style and elegance to beat Zue and Alyssa
In the BBOY and BGIRL Youth battles we saw a future generation of champions. In the end it was Gustas and SY who took first place in their categories.

Replay https://www.facebook.com/68485535743/videos/1030747350710498