E FISE Montpellier by Honor is live !

15 Jul 2020 10:12

Every week we will keep you informed on what’s new with  E-FISE Montpellier by HONOR.

As you know it is a video competition featuring amateur and professionals in 7 sports: BMX, Breaking, Parkour, Roller, Scooter, Skateboard and Wakeboard.

There are therefore 12 disciplines in the competition, and you can vote for your favorite video (s)!

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We have launched the qualifying phases in Breaking, Scooter Park and Skateboard Street:

1- Breaking (breakdance)
The Montpellier Breaking Contest is the longest competition and you can vote until August 26 11:59 pm! Present on the FISE World Series in 2019, you can follow the qualifications from home and participate by voting for your video or your favorite athlete.
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2- Scooter Park
The Occitanie Scooter Park Contest, you have until July 26 11:59 p.m. to vote for your favorite video! Participant videos last max 60s, fan vote counts for 50% in the overall final score.
More info: https://www.e-fise.com/en/montpellier/competition/scooter-park/

3- Street Skateboard
A word of advice, make yourself alert because here you have until July 29 11:59 p.m. to vote for your favorite video (s) from the Instax Skateboard Street Contest.
Check it out: https://www.e-fise.com/en/montpellier/competition/skateboard-street/

Make sure to follow the contest all summer from July 9 to September 20 on E-FISE and on our social networks!

I don't understand, how does it work? : https://www.e-fise.com/en/montpellier/#faq

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