Five Video Games to keep you in the action sport zone

24 Mar 2020 11:47

Stuck inside + missing the park = 🙁

We may be facing weeks stuck at home but it's not all bad news– why not dust off those consoles and get busy with video games again?

We've selected 5 epic action sport video games to cheer up FISE fans worldwide. Which one are you going to you play first?

Fancy simulating realistic BMX moves? Send big airs, ride any corner and nail stellar stunts! This awesome game is ideal for FISE fanatics! Give it a go 


 You may not be able to get out there yourself, but here you can unlock new parks, carve killer lines and kickflip over staplers. With a lonely bird’s happiness at stake, this one’s not for the fainthearted. Up for the challenge? 

On a Roll
 Miss grinding lines, bombing hills and pushing the pace? Stay busy and hone your skills by building a skatepark and taking part in adrenaline-fuelled activities. Get going 


Pumped BMX Pro
 Make the park your playground in this high-octane banger: blaze those sick lines, smash out radical stunts and test your virtual BMX skills. Multiple levels, countless challenges and more – yes, please! Take a look 


Skate 3
 Ready to take on new challenges in this superlative skating experience? With improved board action and fast-paced team activity you can connect with your friends and find out who’s the true skate pro. Get started

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