Top tips on how to weather the winter

25 Nov 2020 10:28

Whether you’re a street or park Skater, the winter can make practicing tricky. But don’t let the dull weather put you off!

Take a look at our top tips to get your skateboard session heated up this winter …

(Even if you’re not a skater, some of these can help you keep riding through the winter months.)

1- Skateboard inside

If the weather’s not on your side, don’t battle against the wind and rain. There are other ways to fine-tune technique without even leaving your house. We’re no strangers to time indoors, after all.

Got a carpeted floor? Practice balance, kickturns, ollies, kickflips ... the list goes on. Just make sure you clear some space around you so you don’t smash any glasses or trip over the dog!

Looking for inspiration? Check out ways you can get inventive at home or watch Jamie Griffin in action. Class.

2- Indoor parks

Some of us are lucky enough to have access to pretty epic sheltered parks. If you’re one of them ... crack on! Set your sights on a new skill. Focus, practice and achieve. Bosh!

Here’s Aurelian Giraud riding in Lyon. That’s a pretty sweet set up.

3- Online tutorials

No park? No problem.

Why not try some online tutorials? You could even get your friends involved. Send a link around and have a laugh as you master new skills together.

Want some ideas? Give an Ollie a go with TransWorld’s tutorial

4- Visualise radness

Visualise, visualise, visualise.

Ever heard of top athletes imagining success? You can try this too. Picture yourself shredding that line or nailing the heelflip. It will pay off when you come to give it a go in reality.

5- Shred videos online

When there’s no getting outside, stimulate your brain. Watch those awesome pros. How are they doing it? What will it feel like to emulate their tricks when you’re back in the park? If you’re watching, you’re learning. Maybe even throw yourself in the mix with a video game or two. Get those reflexes tip-top.

Get started with these epic Red Bull videos

6- Layers, layers, layers

There’s nothing worse than being freezing cold just minutes into training. Check out FISE Apparel’s warm but wavey garms. Chuck on some layers and look sweet while you shred.

So there you have it. A silver lining to winter clouds.

We’d love to see how you’re shredding this winter. Tag us in your pictures and videos at @fiseworld for the chance to be featured on our channels.