FISE XPERENCE - Odysseum Montpellier


18 Apr 2016 19:16

The second stop of the FISE XPerience 2016 tour was held this week-end at the heart of the Odysseum shopping center, 10 minutes from Montpellier. Skateboarding was the main discipline. For the fans as much as the passers-by, it was a chance to be amazed by a unique show just as they were shopping…
3 outdoor zones were set up to have some good fun :   
- Skateboard Street course 
- Spine ramp 
- BMX initiations 

In the Pro class, the best french riders made the trip for the stop : Adrien Bulard (Rouen), Benjamin Garcia(Bordeaux), Vincent Milou (Hossegor), or Joseph Garbaccio (Le Havre) were all favourites.

In the finals, Vincent Milou took the win with a quality run. The young rider from the Landes landed all his tricks very cleanly and imposed a very impressive technical level : Overkrooked, Switch Back-Lip, Halfcab Feeble Reverse, you name it he had it... 
Joseph Garbaccio climbs on the second step of the podium with some perfect skateboarding, tricks coming from nowhere like his Front Boardslide Flip Out, or this Hardflip landed right on the last second of the clock.  In third place, we have Benjamin Garcia from Bordeaux scoring before Adrien Bulard with a huge 360 Frontside Gap, and tricks on the technical central rail like that Feeble to Blunt.

Vincent Milou, 19 years old, 97.00 pts
Joseph Garbaccio, 18 years old, 95.00 pts
Benjamin Garcia, 22 years old, 92.00 pts

In amateur, Remy Luka makes the difference and places before Pierre Bonnaffe and Roland Masson. 

Luka Remy, 16 years old, 95.00 pts
Pierre Bonnafe, 15 years old, 92.00 pts
Roland Masson, 18 years old, 90.00 pts 

In the junior class, under the sun and in front of a big crowd, Lorenzo Palumbo earns the first spot. This young rider from Hyères was able to impress the judges with technical tricks and a style rarely seen at such an early age.

See you at the next FISE Xperience stop in Canet on May 28 and 29, with BMX and Roller contests, and before that see you all at the FISE World Montpellier on the Lez riversides from May 4 to 8 !