FISE xperience Canet


25 May 2018 14:08
Yes, this is already Day-D ! 
We were so excited to start this 2018 edition and dazzle you. 
This is not the first year Canet-en-Roussillon is hosting a stop of FISE Xperience Series and we know why : beach, blue sky, californian style ... 
Event program
Today, from 9:45am, we focus on qualification and rider will have a lot of work to get a way to the finals. Do not miss FISE Party from 9pm ! 
Tomorrow, from 9:45am, this will be finals turn with U14. 
All long the 2 days, Renaud Meloni et Jean Bulhon will dazzle us with BMX Flat demonstration, do not miss it ! 
Check the full schedule here.
Weather chart
Sun will be there, 23°C planned for today.
Tomorrow, it will be a bit cloudy but sun will be still there, with 24°C : a good week end is coming !
Only thing you have to is the enjoy our time ! 
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