Prepare your roadtrip!

Prepare your roadtrip with us!

In 2023, the FISE Xperience tour takes you on the roads of France to discover new spots and enjoy our purpose built parks. The good news is we've got enough stops to give you road trip ideas for several weekends. Our first stop will be in the cool indoors of the ski resort of Tignes in the Alps on March 14 and 15. Then we will stop in the city of Reims from June 9 to 11, which is the best season to enjoy the region of Champagne. Then head to Thonon-les-bains, from August 12 to 14 to enjoy the fresh air of Haute-Savoie, and chill on the shores of Lake Geneva. Short break before heading back to LH, the City of Le Havre for the last stop, where we will close the tour on the seafront.

Start planning your trip now with us!