Check out what's happening at FISE this Spring !

02 Apr 2021 08:25

Spring is here and there’s lots to be excited about as we bring you the FISE news of the month!

FISE Academy launches a 100% Action Sports school 🤓


fise academy school by keyce

FISE Academy and Keyce Business School have partnered to offer you unique courses dedicated to Action Sports commencing in October 2021!

A brand new collaboration between events organizer and Business and Management School, the FISE Academy by Keyce program aims to prepare future generations for careers within Action Sports.

Taking place in Montpellier, France the courses offered are Action Sports Marketing & Management Bachelor (BBA) and Action Sports Marketing & Governance MS (MBA).

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In Tye & Dye mode 🎨


Hippie Chic is the hottest trend this season!

Faded clothes with psychedelic patterns are making a comeback in the FISE Apparel spring-summer collection.


Reste bien connecté sur nos réseaux ci-dessous on te parle prochainement des actus de nos événements, compétitions et autres news ! 

A bientôt #FISEfamily 🤘🏽