It's time to say goodbye and close this edition in style! 💛

13 May 2024 15:37

FISE Montpellier 2024 started last Wednesday on the banks of the Lez. Almost 2 months before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, this 27th edition of FISE was an excellent year. 1,500 professional and amateur athletes from 75 countries, representing 15 disciplines, gathered to participate in more than 45 high-ranking competitions... 4 Olympic sports were on the program this week: BMX Freestyle Park , Breaking, Skateboard Street and, brand new at FISE: 3x3 Basketball.

In terms of attendance, FISE 2024 recorded 300,000 entries over 5 days in total, once again establishing Montpellier this year as the capital of urban sports.

It's difficult to summarise these 5 days in a few lines. Especially since no less than 7 World Cup stages in 4 different sports were held in Montpellier this weekend:
- a UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup stage,
- a UCI BMX Flatland World Cup stage,
- a World Skate World Cup stage of Roller Freestyle Park,
- two stages of the FIG Parkour World Cup (Freestyle and Speed Run)
- new this year: two stages of the World Skate Scooter Pro Tour (Street and Park).

And to make the fun last a little longer, watch the FISE replays on our YouTube channel!