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Top Action Sports Moments of the Summer

19 Sep 2019 09:41

This summer broke the scales. Temperatures peaked and action sports heated right up with it as industry legends and fresh faces across the globe pounded the pavement with insane tricks.

Just scroll down for some unmissable moments of gawking, drooling, mesmerising action for all you ride-or-dies, adrenaline junkies and weekend ride-alongs alike.


Takumi Isogai at FISE Montpellier



How many spins?! And more importantly – who is this guy?! Storming onto the BMX Flatland scene like the biggest tsunami ever to hit Montpellier, Takumi Isogai emerged from a generation of Japanese Flatlanders. With this trick, he was ready to drill a hole straight back to his homeland!

Watch it a few times and you’ll start seeing double – not that that’s a bad thing, because we could watch Isogai all day.


Dante Hutchinson at El Toro




He backflipped down El Toro on a Scooter… Need we say more?

Dante Hutchinson crowned himself King of El Toro when he landed this one at the beginning of the summer, and the Scooter world lost its head.


Joe Atkinson becomes Roller Freestyle World Champion


2018 FISE World Series Champion to World Champion. It was only a matter of time, really.

What we didn’t see coming was the run that sealed his title – exceptional style and point perfection from drop to buzzer, combining technical demand and utilising every inch of the park!


Hannah Roberts’ BMX 360˚ Tailwhip


Pumped on getting this done 🙌🏼 @usacycling @alienationbmx @tiogabmx #bmx #bmxlife #ilovemybike #lovethatbmxlife #usacycling

Une publication partagée par Hannah Roberts (@hannah_roberts_bmx) le


We could get used to this! Hannah Roberts threw down a 360˚ tailwhip and it couldn’t have been cleaner!

Might this trick be a sneak preview of what’s to come at FISE Chengdu in October?


Jayden Sharman’s Scooter Best Trick at FISE Montpellier


The Stanley Flip with a Buttercup finale! How on earth did Jayden Sharman manage it? We sure hope to see him top his FISE Montpellier Scooter Best Trick in Chengdu.


Irek Rizaev Rides BMX at Kremlin


What’s most impressive…

  1. A. Irek Rizaev’s riding?
  2. B. The park he’s tearing up?
  3. C. The camera footage –  how was it captured so well?

… Is there an ‘All of the Above’ option?!


Jack Maguire Pounds a BMX World First


How could this not make the list?

Take a look at the 900° tailwhip from Jack Maguire as he took to the quarter pipe to seal BMX Best Trick and put his name in the books!


Danny Leon and Sergio Layos Fuse Skateboard and BMX


Action sports fans united when this dynamic duo stole the show on the Montpellier Spine!

Skating legend Danny Leon and BMXer Sergio Layos checked off a class-act over-under for Spain, doing us all proud.


Courage Adams Lays Down Fire in BMX Street Park


Some days at home 🚴🏾‍♂️⚖️🤹🏾‍♂️/ 🎥 by @xabi.htbc 🙌🏾/ #bmx #bikes #flybikes #animalbikes

Une publication partagée par Courage Adams (@courageadams) le


Who needs two wheels when you can manual this long?

How he does it? We’ll never know, so we’ll just continue to watch Courage Adams lay it down time after time!


Dylan Stark at El Toro


Just when you thought El Toro might be finished for good, Dylan Stark brought it back from the grave with one final stint in the limelight.

Stairs wiped, so opt for the roof instead! The result was a shock to the system that can only be classified as INSANE.


The summer of 2019 is one to be remembered, but the heat isn’t being turned down anytime soon. If September is anything to go by, riders are taking it up another level this autumn!

Check out more crazy moments from the season on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, and get ready to witness The Final Showdown as top riders travel to FISE Chengdu on 31 October!