Top tips to create an epic action sports video

25 Jun 2020 15:22

Ready to do battle with the best, and create an epic action sports video?

E-FISE Montpellier by Honor  has officially launched and wants to see what you’ve got, so take a look at our top tips to ace that video.

1/ General advice

  • Think about some of the best action sports edits you’ve seen. What made them so great? Use them for inspiration.
  • Check safety and conditions before undertaking any filming.
  • Keep a steady hand, either yourself or if someone is filming you (or you could purchase a cheap gimbal). You don’t want viewers getting seasick!
  • Make sure you add the required opening credit which you can download HERE. Your video won’t be valid for the contest without it!
  • 2/ Use a quality camera
  • Make sure your video camera is up to scratch. (Most phones now have great filming capability so no need to splash out on kit).
  • High resolution makes your footage look sweet.
  • 3/ Take care with light
  • Make sure the light is right in your video. 
  • It’s worth thinking about the time of day: filming can be that bit trickier at midday when the sun is right above.
  • It might sound simple, but people need to be able to see your skills!
  • 4/ Pay attention to audio
  • Music can make a good video great! If you wish to add music to your video you have access to the Universal Music Production Catalog. Only music selected from this catalog is valid to participate in the competition
  • Organic audio can be great too. Keep background chat to a minimum, but by all means get your mates to hype you up/ cheer you on (just try to avoid swearing where possible!)
  • 5/ Keep it short
  • Keep your video under one minute. (unless you’re taking part in Parkour or BMX Flatland)
  • The best-performing videos grab attention from the start.
  • Include only the best bits. Nailed a sick trick? Get that in. Standing about waiting to ride? Cut it.
  • 6/ Make your video the right size
  • Don’t come unstuck at the last minute and realise you can’t upload your video because it’s too wide or too long. 
    Square (1:1), landscape (6:19) or vertical (4:5) work on Instagram – recommended video formats are .MP4 and .MOV.

  • 7/ Avoid heavy text and clutter
  • Be careful not to overwhelm the view by splashing text all over your edit.
  • Don’t throw in crazy transitions just for the sake of it.
  • Remember, less is often more.

Now you’ve got the know-how to create and edit your best clips, it’s time to show of those skills.

So … get filming, send us your masterpieces on