Welcome to Malaysia!

16 Dec 2015 16:30

The FISE World Malaysia event is about to start and many riders are already here. Logan Martin is checking out the park and Ryan Taylor seems quite determined to ride it! But we will all have to be a bit more patient, since the FISE Area team is putting the final touches. just a few hours before it's actually possible to test it!

Until then, everyone is grabbing a scooter, the most popular and convenient transportation to explore Langkawi Island. Some went for a swim to the waterfalls while others went to enjoy the amazing view from the cable car: truly breathtaking! Malaysia has gorgeous landscapes and offers so many things to do...

And you know what? You still have time to hop on a plane to come meet us here!!




Welcome to Malaysia #fiseworld stay tuned it starts the day after tomorrow #lifestyle #mymajorevents #chill #coursepreview with Logan Martin and Ryan Taylor.

Posté par FISE sur mercredi 16 décembre 2015