FISE Madrid

Kenneth Tencio, amazing!

05 mai 2019 22:53
The lesson of the day would be that nothing is played in advance. And as it says, it’s not because you were the 12th at yesterday semi-final that you can’t win. And everybody knows how hard it is to keep the first place all the contest long. Today Kenneth Tencio proved that he is one of the guys able to do it, within a super powerful run. He knows how to start a contest properly by flair dropping from the highest wall. Daniel Dhers, after a crash in the first run, finally made it to the second place. He is the oldest competitor and the experienced paid off, indeed, he knows how to focus and to take it seriously. He rode within his own style, with many spins, whips, flips and opposite, all wrapped with his signature front flip over the spine on the buzzer. Nick Bruce comes third with a great package of amplitude, smooth style, enhanced by a classic but very well executed 270 invert - efficient. 
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