FISE Chateauroux -

Auguste Pellaud won the Scooter Freestyle qualifying

20 Jul 2019 22:20

A Street Park surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd was setting the scene for today’s qualification. The favorite Frenchy, Auguste Pellaud (photo), dropped a super complete run made of tricks coming from both Park and Street. This gnarly mix of grabbed rotations followed by slide, enhanced by a few fakie tricks gave him the first place. Another versatile rider, Ugo Leonce, stand out with an ice pick manual all the way to the ramp into a flair and reached straight the second position. Risky tricks with high speed is Maxime Bouzid signature, who secured a third place by taking the downhill rail in fakie to launch a fakie back lipslide tailwhip out. Famous for his Go Big or Go Home way to ride, Emeric Cicala was trying the most commited tricks of the day. If he can land everything tomorrow, he could definitively grab a podium.