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Skateboard Street

Skateboard Street qualification : the Rookie goes big

20 Jul 2019 21:29

A jam-packed crowd in front of the Street Park, good vibes on the ramps, no more needed for the rookie of the day Noah Francisco (photo) who smashed it with his flawlessly runs. He is only 13 years old and took the lead ahead of George Poole, who didn’t seem to care of his injury according to his perfect second run. Alexis Chaussumier came third, with a rad Flip over the fire hydrant. The fourth one, Jonathan Jean-Philippe, signed the most technical runs of the day with a Nollie Noseslide on the Curb and a Bigspin Heelflip. Stan Palha, Bottle Flip Master when he is not on his board, proved his skills on the ramps with a Miller Flip. Special mention for Peter Boccalini, who can make the difference tomorrow if he succeeds the big Transfer he attempted today.