FISE Chateauroux -

Trick or Treat for the BMX Freestyle Park Women's qualification

20 Jul 2019 15:19

Nikita Ducarroz and Analia Zacarias, only two names are enough to describe the level on the course this morning. Both were coming to take qualifying points for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and they found a French Team made of Laury Perez, Kenza Chaal and Magalie Pottier with gnarly runs. Coffee break info: if the two runs are counting for the qualification, it’s only the best one which will be evaluated for tomorrow’s final. The top 2 of the day was dropping tricks on every spot, but Nikita Ducarroz (photo) wins with its multiple combos, a beautiful X-Up to One Foot Cancan and a big Tuck no Hander on the Spox. Analia follows her, thanks to her amplitude and the way she builds her runs with the flow coming from the many European contests she attended this summer. Today’s banger is a flawlessly 360 ° on the Spox, made by Laury Perez who takes the third place.