FISE Chateauroux -

Versatility was the card to play to reach the Gold at the Scooter Final

21 Jul 2019 18:28

Bright sun, big crowd and big tricks sum up the Scooter Street Pro final. No practice for today’s winner. Going straight from the bed to the course, Ugo Leonce (photo), the most versatile rider of the day, waved both judges and spectators. Almost no stop break his flow, and he knows how to bring the crowd into his run. He opened his run with Park style tricks, with a double Downside Heelwhip over the huge Transfer, then going straight for a Backflip on the pyramid. Then he moved for more street-oriented tricks, showing how it’s easy for him to mix both. By grinding up the rail and approaching downrail in fakie, Auguste Pellaud secures himself a second spot. Maxime Bouzid rode with the same energy than yesterday, but he changed for a little bit his line. He fancied a huge 360 Transfer over the rail, landed some Gap that he was the only one to drop and use almost all of the rails. Emeric cicala won the Best Trick contest with a gnarly Alley Oop No Foot Cancan Grab, before Auguste Pellaud won the Bunny Up contest.